Cochin- The Gateway of Kerala

Posted on May 09 2019 at 08:42 AM

Cochin is a port city located by the southwest coast of Indian Sub Continent. Known for its vibrant culture and scenic nature, Cochin is a must-visit destination for a wanderer. Flanked by the Arabian Sea on the west and the Western Ghats on the east, Cochin has a rich tropical climate.

Cochin has been the gateway for many foreign traders, explorers, etc who have anchored their ships and ventured further into Kerala. The Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama is the first explorer to set sail to India. His final resting place was in Cochin St Francis church until his remains were relocated to Lisbon. Many foreign traders like the Dutch, British, Chinese, Portuguese and the Arabs have ventured to India through Cochin and have left their marks on its history and development.

Cochin was and is the financial, commercial and industrial capital of Kerala. Slowly with the boom in the IT sector, Cochin will eventually become the Silicon Valley of Kerala. Cochin is a balance between modernity and heritage. Cochin is a must visit the place on every itinerary in Kerala tour packages because the land is decorated with breathtaking nature, sprawling colonial bungalows(Palaces), the pristine islands, century-old churches, serene beaches, heritage museums, etc.

Sprawling Colonial Bungalows

Located on the most enchanting properties, the colonial bungalows are a sight that mesmerizes your eyes. The rich Dutch architecture intertwined with the rich Kerala culture are masterpieces to see. The Dutch Palace, popularly called as the Mattancherry Palace was renovated by the Dutch traders in 1555 as a gift to the king of Cochin. The palace is home to portraits of Kochi Rajas, temple art and mythological murals of Hinduism. Dutch architecture can be observed in the intricate designs of the cambers and pillars. Bolgatty Palace is located in the pristine islands of Bolgatty. Once the official headquarters of the British Raj, the palace was constructed by the Dutch traders in 1744. The palace was constructed by imbibing the scenic nature around the property. Now the Bolgatty Palace is a heritage hotel open tourist.

The Centuries-Old Churches

Cochin has imprints of culture and tradition marked by the explorers who landed and stayed in the port city. They built houses of their faith and left behind the amazing monuments filled with history for the current generation to learn from. The St Francis church one of the oldest churches built by the Europeans in India. The Portuguese explorer, Vasco Da Gama, the man who first set sail to India from Europe breathed his last breath in this church. He was buried here until relocated to Lisbon in the 14th century. You can still see his gravestone here.

Santa Cruz Basilica was originally built by the Portuguese and raised it to the glory of a cathedral. Later the British commissioned the demolishing of the church and reconstructing it. The Basilica is one of the eight Basilicas existing in Kerala. The church is well-known for its architectural magnificence and beauty.

Jew synagogue or Paradesi synagogue was constructed in 1568. This is the only practising synagogue among the seven existing in Kerala. Located in the heart of old Cochin known as the Jews Town, the synagogue holds a lot of architectural wonders. The property holds amazing porcelain Chinese tiles, Belgian Glass chandeliers, priceless crowns, and copper plates all that cry outs history and pride.

Pristine Islands

Cochin owns few islands which are pristine, beautiful and breathtaking. The islands are the ideal spot for quiet holidays and cruising on the backwaters. The main islands of Cochin are spread on the Vembanad Kayal- Vypeen, Vallarpadam, Wellington Island, Bolgatty Islands, and Dundu. Enjoy your holidays away from the rush and stress of your busy life. Detox your mind, body, and soul while you get to be more close with nature.

Heritage Museums

Museums are huge treasure hold of age-old art, precious metals, weaponry, etc that reflect the culture and heritage of a land. The Hill Palace Museum houses portraits of Cochin Rajas, golden crowns, royal carriages, etc. A monument of exquisite architecture. The palace grounds hold other palace buildings, a deer park and a children’s park. Surrounded by beautiful gardens, hill palace is worth your time and money. The folklore museum is a treasure trove of ancient art, portraits, and exhibits that speak of Kerala heritage and culture. Kochi is very famous for its Kochi-Muziris Biennale, the largest international contemporary art exhibition in India. Also the biggest art festival in Asia.

Beaches In Cochin

Cochin is famous for its white sandy beaches along the Arabian Sea. Cochin is known as the Queen of Arabian Sea. True to its pet name, the sunset and sunrise from its beaches are heart-melting views to behold. Go to the seashores and learn the use of Chinese Fish Nets famous for its build and usage. A Chinese explorer taught the local fisherman how to build the fishing nets and catch fish. You may visit the fishing nets in the evening, catch some yummy fish and prepare them in the nearby shack and have a sumptuous dinner.

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