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Posted on August 05 2019 at 07:06 AM

Kerala is a small state located south of India. Legends claim that Kerala emerged from the sea when the acclaimed Parasuram, the avatar of Maha Vishnu, threw his battle axe into the sea. Kerala is famously quoted as God’s Own Country because of its mesmerising beauty and prosperity. People in Kerala are called as Keralites. Keralites also natively known as Malayalees as they speak Malayalam. People in Kerala are very polite, down to earth and very strictly follow the simple logic,” Atithi Devo Bhava” meaning “ The Guest Are Gods.” The concept to treat guests as if they are Gods with full attention, reverence and politeness.

People in Kerala are very protective of traditional customs, culture, religions, rituals and practices. Malayalees are very much proud of the rich heritage and culture. Malayalees try to live a simple, happy and uncomplicated lifestyle. They are content with small things in life. Keralites always insist on education, health and hygiene. The try to maintain good health, physical quality and cleanliness. Malayalees try to live a holistic life rather than depending on materialistic stuff.

People in Kerala try to maintain a healthy eating habit with a balanced diet. They try to include natural herbs, homemade concoctions and homemade remedies in the form soaps, powders and oils to maintain a healthy physical quality of life.

Keralites follow a very simple dress code. Even during any festive occasions, special ceremonies and events women wear “set mundu” and men wear “ mundu.“ “Set mundu” is a two-piece ivory clothing similar to saree worn with matching blouse with zari border. “Mundu” is a cream piece of cloth wrapped around the waist and a kurta or shirt is worn. The younger generation is more attracted to fashion clothing like jeans, pants etc. 

Culture in Kerala runs deep within its history. Kerala had been a gateway for foreigners looking for places to set up commercial centres lined along with the coastal areas. Kerala is generally a peace-loving state and most cosmopolitan. Kerala had been a melting pot of different cultures and traditions. Like in any other state in India, Kerala has been accommodating of diverse cultural values. Kerala is a highly literate society have excelled in areas like literature, science, economics, religion, architecture and art. Throughout history, Keralites have shown their excellence in all fields in full vigour and vitality. Keralites are hardworking and persist to achieve excellence in all their major endeavours. 

Kerala is a land of festivals with mouth-watering food. Kerala festivals are colourful, musical and entertaining. Every festive occasion in Kerala is marked with lavish food laid out with amazing food. The king of feasts- Sadhya is the must-eat. Onam, Vishu etc are some of the most amazing festive occasions in Kerala. These festive moments bring together families together reflecting the strong bond and affection between family members.

Kerala is a full package of mind-blowing beauty nature, lip-smacking food, vibrant culture and traditions. A trip to the land of Gods is worth all your money and time. Kerala will remain etched to your soul and help you create a lot of memories. Funday Holidays offers tour packages to Kerala attractions and destinations filled with the beauty and traditions of the land.

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