Travel Hacks For Family Holidays

Posted on August 19 2019 at 09:46 AM


Family holidays are fun, refreshing and good for strengthening the bond between family members. However, a fun trip can turn disastrous with small kids. Elders need to prepare for unpredictable situations and ways to keep the family entertained. So here some amazing travel hacks that can become lifesavers during a family holiday.

Pack Essential Clothes

When you go for a family vacation, ensure you pack all essential clothes. Instead of packing clothes for each and every member in different bags, try to pack the clothes required for everyone in a single bag. Avoid packing flashy travel clothes especially for kids. Pack comfortable clothes like pyjamas and loose clothing. Travel in comfort should be the motto. Pack extra attires in your backpack for yourself and kids in case they become sick in the planes and you need to change immediately. Even a t-shirt would be good enough to feel fresh and new. Roll your clothes and pack them in vacuum bags to save space.

Carry Power Banks

Before you leave for a trip, charge your phone fully. Your phone is the main point of contact for your family back home, your friends and most importantly your travel agent. Make sure to carry high power storage capacity power bank to charge your phones when plug points are not available. Also, carry universal chargers if you are travelling to another country. Not every country will have the same plugin format. Carry a power strip that allows your family to charge their phones simultaneously.

Emergency Medicines

When you are travelling with kids, you don't know when they may fall sick. Consult a paediatrician before you set out on the trip to consult for emergency medicines for your kids and consult your doctor for you also. They may suggest few medicines that may come handy during the trip to reduce the first impact of the disease. However, keep in mind that you need to rush the sick person to the hospital immediately. Also, carry medicines that you consume on a regular basis. Chances are that such medicines may not be easily available.

Organise Entertainments

Travelling with kids can get frustrating and irritating. Especially long flights can become monotonous and exhausting. Kids start fussing around a lot. So you need to entertain them. So store your iPad with kids entertainment programs. Ensure you download the programs at least a day before the trip. The programs will keep your kids fully engaged.  Carry some indoor games with you so that your kids have fun at the destinations. Carry gel stickers for your kids to paste them on the windows of planes if they get to sit on the window seat.

Share Responsibilities

It is not necessary that every arrangement should be done by one person alone. Planning a full family trip and managing is not easy. Divide the responsibilities among the members. Involve them in the planning process. Ask your older kids to manage their youngers. By sharing responsibilities, your family work as a team. The bond between siblings, couples, parents and children become stronger.

Download Google Maps

Download google maps on your phone. The navigation software can help you keep track of your trip. The application can help you find shops, restaurants, petrol pumps etc easily. The navigation software comes handy during an urgent situation. You can make use of free wifi facilities offered by the airport, restaurants etc. 

Pack Food & Snacks

Carry plenty of food and snacks for the trip. Carry edibles that your kids are familiar with. The food available otherwise may not suit your kids. The familiar food may save your kids from getting sick. Even it is advisable for you to consume the food you bring along with you while travelling. Carry water bottles that can be refilled after security checks.

Proper Financial Management

Call with your credit card companies to check if their services are available to the destination you are travelling. Ensure you carry local change with you to make small payments or at outlets where credit cards are not accepted. 

Phone Number Hand Bracelets

A fun yet most important way to ensure that your kids have your number on them. You may sting number beads to form your number and let the kids wear them. This is a far better choice than the travel tags which may get lost or torn. If your kids get lost, they can use the number on the bracelet to contact you.

Legal Documents

Ensure that you are carrying your legal documents like passports, visas, tickets while travelling. Keep them safe and close to you where you can find them easily. Check twice to ensure that they are on you before you leave your home and hotel rooms.

Travelling as a family is something you need to make a habit. Funday Holidays tries to make your family trip the most memorable one.

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