8 Days and 7 Nights : Kanyakumari – Poovar – Varkkala – Alleppey – Cochin – Cherai : Funday Beach Special Packages

The white sandy beaches against the tortoise colour sea dotted by sapphire palm groves is a dream come true for every traveller. Blessed with the most mesmerizing sunset and sunrise, Kerala beach destinations are magnets for thousands of tour packages every year. A day spend at the beach calms your soul. Kerala is famous for yoga and meditation. Much people practice the art listening to the calming music of waves and the refreshing salty winds.

Kanyakumari lies at the southernmost tip of Indian Subcontinent. Enroute Kanyakumari visits the majestic Pathanapuram Palace. Known for its grandeur, architecture and beauty, the palace speaks of the King Marthanda Varma submitting his kingdom to the Lord Vishnu, hence the name. After a boost of historical magnificence, you reach the Suchindram Temple. The temple is only one of a kind as the single statue represents three deities- Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma. It’s a wondrous art in the field of temple sculpture that leaves you in awe. Suchindram is famous for the musical pillars that create different sound when tapped.

The sunrise at Kanyakumari is an enchanting view to behold. The orange hues at the horizon of the blue sea against the rugged rocks is a sight to behold. It's like nature paints its canvas every morning. Triveni Sangam is also known as the confluence of three rivers. Its believed that a person who bathes in this confluence is free of all sins. Vivekananda Rock is a prominent tourist attraction in India. It’s a rock island where Guru Vivekananda got enlightenment. The ferry to the island is an adventurous one and you can enjoy the vast ocean against the scenic beauty.

Poovar is a silent coastal village that boasts of its scenic countryside and golden sand beaches. A perfect spot to relax and lounge of the beaches, cruise in the backwaters and know the village community.

Padmanabhapuram temple is the abode of Lord Vishnu. Thousands of years old, the temple is home to articulate architecture. The lord lies in Ananthasayanam and is believed to be made of pure gold. The temple is known as the wealthiest place of worship in the temple after its secret antichambers were subjected to controversies.

The art gallery museum is a haven for art lovers. It houses priceless arts from different eras and masterpieces of world-renowned artist like Raja Ravi Varma, Nicholas Roerich, Rabindranath Tagore etc. You can find paintings in every region of the country.

Trivandrum is famous for its zoo housing many rare species of animals. The houses 82 species around the world. The rare species found here include lion-tailed cacique, Nilgiri langur, white tiger, royal Bengal tiger, cape buffalos etc. It also has a reptile farm that houses different snakes including 7 anacondas.

Many travel websites and bloggers have claimed Varkala beach as the most beautiful beach in Asia. The bluish ocean water backed by the red cliffs and the green palms against the sandy beach is an enchanting view. Also known as the Varkala papanasam due to its holy significance. its believed that all your sins are washed away by the waters of the holy sea. Also famous for the 2000-year-old Jagannatha Swami temple. Varkala temple is famous for a bell donated by a captain of the Dutch vessel. The beach here is known for its medicinal properties as the sea water is believed to flow within the medicinal plants on the beach. The sunset from the beach is a view worth watching. Nature paints a story with the amazing colours of the nature that gets etched with your soul forever.

Alleppey is the indispensable part of Kerala attractions for all kinds of tour packages. A cruise in the luxurious houseboats on the largest lake in Kerala gives you a unique experience. Vembanad lake is known for its calm and picturesque glossy waters that elevate your vacation to another level. Alleppey is known as the Venice of the east. Enjoy sumptuous locally cooked seafood under the starry sky and gentle night breeze hearing to the waters whisper secrets.

Marari beach is hidden in the sleepy fishermen hammock- an ideal spot for lazing around. An ideal beach to unwind your hectic day and take long walks enjoying the amazing sunsets.

After a worldwide of heritage and beaches, let's take a small detour to the Queen of Arabian Sea. The city tour provides you with a mix of nature and history. The land where history stands tall with pride against the sea and greenery. The most admirable place to visit is the Mattancherry Synagogue also known as the Jewish Synagogue. The place is famous for its wall paintings, golden crowns, Chinese tiles, Belgian chandeliers and glass work.

The Dutch palace was built by the Portuguese and gifted to king Veera Kerala Varma. It houses a central courtyard and a number of small temples. It's a two-story architectural marvel. Santa Cruz Basilica is one among the 8 Basilica in Kerala and the architecture of the church is a sight to behold. St Francis church is famous for being the final resting place of Vasco Da Gama the explorer until his remains were relocated to Lisbon. His grave can be seen at the site.

To get a taste of the Kerala architecture art and history, you may visit the famous Hill Palace Museum, Folklore Museum etc. The Hill Palace museum is famous for valuable artefacts and precious gems. Also, a deer park can be seen in the promises.

Cherai beach is one of the longest beaches in Cochin. You spot multi-coloured fishing boats anchored here. Urban legends claim that a Chinese explorer taught the fishermen in Cochin the art of Chinese Fishing Nets. The fishing nets made with the combination of bamboo and teak wood is another scene to behold. You may catch some tasty fish and cook at the nearby shacks and enjoy them for dinner.

Book your Kerala beach tour packages right away and escape to the land of sandy beaches and mesmerizing sunsets.


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