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India is an incredible destination for relaxation, adventure, culture, and its laid-back beach scene, swaying elephant rides. Gentle houseboat cruises along tropical backwaters, you'll soon see why National Geographic Traveler voted Kerala one of its ten Paradise Found.

All people cuddle the wish to visit a foreign land and to enjoy its culture. It is a common belief that international holidays is something that is out to reach to a common man. But the truth is that international tour packages are something that is no longer a dream but a reality. The world is now becoming more connected than ever with the help of the internet. A few decades back, the whole idea of traveling to an unknown land to enjoy a family vacation can sound bizarre and frightening. The lack of knowledge about the destination, what to expect when you reach your holiday destination, even the cost of travel were huddled that travelers found very hard to overcome. Come today, information on every possible destination on mother earth to be explored is available to you. 

So why hesitate to explore when the world beacons you?

Someone wise once said, "Family First." Family is the haven every individual finds comfort and protection at the end of the day. The busy and luxurious lifestyle we enjoy today is at the expense of quality family time. Family can be your given or chosen tribe. Time to time, bringing back the emotions of being a tribe can be achieved by going on family tours. Imagine the happiness of your family members when you surprise them with international tour packages? 

The excitement and the thrill to spend a few days together, having fun among the serene surroundings will bring a smile to the faces of your loved once. After all, what is more precious than the happiness of your dear family? 

Makeup broken relationships, motivate your siblings and repay your hard-working parents with the magical experience to globe throttling. Let the charm of the enthralling natural vistas and the breathtaking human creativity leave your family spellbound. 

Our international tour packages can be a custom holiday package designed based on the interest of the family members. Our exclusive operations team, who have in-depth expertise in offering the best itineraries in the market, will help you out in having the best holiday experience of a lifetime.  If your family enjoys living close to nature, explore the fantastic landscapes painted by nature on a timeless canvas. Family tours are a great way to celebrate the everlasting bond through some adventurous outdoor activities. Go hiking, camping out in the forest, take nature walks to explore the lush green forest & wildlife under the expert supervision of the forest rangers. Appreciate the beauty of the enchanting waterfalls cascading down the rolling mountains while enjoying a family picnic. Now, if your family is looking for some adventure during the holidays, we happily indulge you with the best adrenaline-packed adventure holidays. Our adventure holiday packages include scuba diving, kayaking, parasailing, skydiving, surfing, and many more, which you can explore with your family.

Explore the international holiday destinations we offer you

Singapore is one of the most environmentally friendly countries in the planet. The total number of tourists visiting the country is more than the total number of populations in the country. Well, many things make the place more attractive and demanding. One another factor is the lowest crime rates here, and thus, it is one of the safest and peaceful locations to enjoy a holiday. Another great feature of Singapore that makes tourists love this destination is the easiness in handling language barriers. English is one of the major ones among the four main languages in the country. This makes it very easy for foreign tourists to communicate while shopping, sightseeing, and getting involved in other fun activities there. Orchard Road district here consists of a lot of big shopping centers and hotels, and thus, the place is considered as the tourism headquarters of the country. Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, and Jurong Bird Park are a few of the main attractions of this excellent tourist destination. Book your Singapore family tour packages with us now!!

Being the 9th most visited country in the world of tourism, Malaysia has a significant share in the tourism industry today. The state started marketing its tourism possibilities right from the late 1990s.Kuala Lumpur, George Town, and Melaka are few among the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Petronas Twin Towers situated in the Kuala Lumpur city is the most popular tourist attraction that made Malaysia world famous. The twin towers are still the face of the country in the world tourism map. The Golden Triangle is considered as the busiest tourist spots in Malaysia, which consists of big shopping centers, five-star hotels, and restaurants. Melaka is another world-famous city that is a cultural world heritage site. Being a HISTORICAL CITY, Malacca is one of those cities in the country that is attracting a lot of visitors from different parts of the world. Let Malaysia excite you this holiday season. Contact us now and get the best holiday packages to Malaysia that are specially created for you. 

Among the many numbers of Island countries in the world, Srilanka stands out with many unique features. It is truly a mysterious island that has so many natural scenic destinations at the same time historical spots. The country now has a very peaceful atmosphere, and the people here have recovered from the issues they had a few years back. After visiting the place you will know that the problems that happened here have not affected the tourism here and everything is just the same as before Sri Lanka is undoubtedly one of the best value island tourism locations. Apart from a very authentic and naturally beautiful tourist destination, this island country is very compact. With just 65,610 sq km, a traveler can explore the entire island in just a few days without missing anything. This is the beauty of this destination. Above all, it offers a variety of tourism resources, which are top class and high in quality.The country has created its brand name in culture and art, handicrafts, people, and, most importantly, spices, tea, gems, etc. If you love to spend time in a very mysterious and pure ancient island, this is the place. Srilanka tour packages are one of the many sorts after the holiday packages that we offer.  

Bhutan is a small Himalayan country landlocked between India, China, and Nepal. Bhutan is famous for its scenic beauty and mesmerizing landscapes. The tiny Buddhist country is known as the "Last Shangri La." The land of dragons is renowned for its zero carbon footprint motto. The unique culture and traditions of this fairy tale land are worth exploring. Bhutan maintains its greenery with a mandatory constitutional statement, which requires the country to keep 60 percent of the area covered in forest. You get to enjoy the sumptuous traditional cuisines like "Ema Dhasti- a dish made of chilies and cottage cheese.", rare mushroom dishes, delicious red rice, the conventional potent rice wine, etc. A visit to the monasteries will soothe your mind and body while internally purifying you with the vibe of the happy monks. Stay at the traditional farmhouses surrounded by the productive crop cultivation of the land. You get to meet the rare animals like the Thakins-national animal of Bhutan, yaks, etc. Also, experience wearing the hand-woven traditional attire of the country known as "Kira for ladies" & "Gho for men." Bhutan tour packages offer you the most authentic experience the culture, traditions, serene beauty, and heartwarming hospitality of the Bhutanese. Bhutan is a peaceful country that weights it's overall national wealth with "Gross National Happiness," unlike other countries that weigh their economy with "Gross Domestic Product.'

Dubai is known as the city of gold or city of dreams. Dubai boasts of many spectacular ancient and modern monuments. A bewitching city that showcases traditional Arab heritage and also boasts as the most glamorous city in the contemporary world. Dubai is regarded as one of the most preferred destinations in the world. The visual treat the town offers is known as an open exhibition city. Funday holidays as a tour and travel operator promote Dubai as a hot destination with various types of packages, be it budget-oriented or luxury. Every year Dubai invites varied tourists in the form of leisure tourists, business tourists, and even educational tourists. Tour packages are tailor-made by Funday Holidays to meet the necessity of each individual or group. Holiday packages are the hottest sold and preferred tour packages that attract many tourists across the globe to Dubai. Tour and travel packages also include cruise ships. Funday holidays highly recommend Dubai as a must-visit holiday destination. Dubai tourism offers you a chance to enjoy one of a kind luxury holidays you have never experienced before. Book your Dubai tour packages with us.

Thailand is one of the countries that can answer a great variety of tourist packages. Thailand tourism contains a vast array of different natural attractions. It has beautiful beaches, pure islands, stunning coral reefs, and sea life, spectacular views from high mountains, refreshing waterfalls, green forest, flowers, and wildlife for you to enjoy. Explore the pink lakes adorned with pink Lillies, go island hopping and also enjoy shooting don your family with a water pistole during the Songkran water festival during April. Thailand has all it takes to be a tourist-friendly country, with reasonable accommodations and technology. Experience Thainess with your family this holiday season. Book your Thailand tour packages and take your family to the best international tour.

If you want to have a taste of the mesmerizing tropical greenery and the lullaby of the soothing ocean, book your Bali family tour package right away. Bali tourism offers you the chance to explore the scenic coral reefs and dive in to discover colorful shipwreck from remnants of World War II. Bali is famous for its relaxing yoga retreats. Our Bali tour packages offer you the charm of the tropical forest while you enjoy the warm cuddles of the sun on the sandy beaches.

Andaman offers you a perfect blend of Blue seas, virgin islands, and colonial past.
Havelock and Neil Island are famous for pearly sandy beaches, palm-lined shores, and famous for water sports. Havelock Island is the most famous destinations among tourists. The island offers you a choice of water sports like parasailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, which pumps up your adrenaline, making you feel alive. Explore the Cellular Jail known as Kaala Panni in Port Blair. The prison was used to imprison the freedom fighters of the Indian mainland who fought for their motherland during the British Era. It is claimed that, when you walk through the corridors of the prison, you can feel the patriotic emotions of the fighters even now. Port Blair is an excellent place to experience the local life and tastes some fantastic traditional cuisines of the island. Andaman tour packages are available are amazing deals now.

Rome is situated in Italy and is famously called as "Eternal City." One of the most sort after tourist destinations in the world, Rome holds a charming blend of history and glamour. Rome offers you the centuries-old historical monuments to explore, colorful markets, mouthwatering pizza, flooding street food markets, high caliber art museums, etc. One of the seven wonders of the world, the famous Colosseum is located in Rome. Explore the famous destinations like The Roman Forum, The Palatine Hill, St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican Museums, and the Sistine Chapel, Piazza Navona, The Pantheon, The Spanish Steps, The Trevi Fountain (remember to toss a coin into the well after you make a wish), The Capitoline Museums, Galleria Borghese, Trastevere, famous Baths of Caracalla ,etc. Explore Rome in all its glory with Funday Holidays.

If you are in search of the best international tour packages for the family at an affordable price, you have come to the right travel agency. We are presenting a wide range of international holiday packages for you. You have the provision to choose the best tour packages along with the advice of expert travel guides. We are also providing in-depth details about the destination. We have also made the provision for choosing custom tour packages to your dream destinations. We also offer boor booking facilities for our clients. We aim at gifting a memorable tour experience to our clients. Most of our tour packages include food, accommodation, and flight tickets. All our tour packages give you the chance to enrich your life with the culture of the people living there. Being the best tour agent in Kerala, we assure you an enjoyable and safe journey to our clients. We have a wide range of tour packages to all your dream destinations, including Singapore, Malaysia, Rome, Dubai, Thailand, and much more. So If you are planning to spend your vacation in your dreamland, don't hesitate to contact us.

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