Kerala Monsoon Tour Packages

Monsoon in Kerala is a season of joy and colourful rainbows. Nature paints Kerala in bright emerald with dark clouds hanging from the sky in contrast. Kerala enjoys two seasons of the monsoon- southwest monsoon and northeast monsoon. The mighty Western Ghats stand in the way of the angry black clouds ensuring they shower down their music in the form of rain in Kerala.

Kerala Monsoon tour packages offers a cool haven for the tourist after a dry and dusty summer. Monsoon makes Kerala even more serene and mesmerizing. The hill stations like Munnar, Thekkady despite being the top exotic destination throughout the year becomes even more pristine and lively during the monsoon season.

Monsoon heightens the beauty of Munnar creating a visual delight for the tourists. The occasional golden rays of the sun darts through the dark clouds giving birth to colourful rainbows crowning the valleys. The Cheeyappara and Valara waterfalls become full with gushing water cascading down the hills surrounded by jade nature. The water reservoirs like Kundala dam and Mattupetty dam are filled to the brim making the view exquisite. Remember to carry an umbrella while strolling through the lush green tea plantations enjoying the vibe created by fresh aromatic tender tea leaves and the cool breeze. Remember to have some fun at the Echo point on your way up to the Top Station. The panoramic view from the Top station of Munnar gets etched to your soul forever. Munnar sightseeing tour during the monsoon is a must for monsoon lovers.

Thekkady is the best destination to enjoy nature in its purest form. The monsoon adds to the beauty like a cherry on top of a delicious dessert. Enjoy the rains drops gracing every leave and branches drop by drop finally touching the earth. The Periyar Tiger reserve brims with life with the rain filling the Periyar lake with beauty. Thekkady becomes a land of jade covered beauty enveloped in sheen white mist. The mist covered mountains become a picturesque backdrop for amazing pictures.

The backwaters become a mesmerizing canvas decorated with drizzling rainfall with lush green nature around. Enjoy a cruise in the luxury Kerala houseboat on the Vembanad lake in Alleppey and Kumarakom. The cool breeze and the sound of the drizzling rain relax your mind. Enjoy the view created by green paddy fields intercepted by the coconut trees. Enjoy the snake boat racing on the largest lake Vembanad in Kerala. Alleppey and Kumarakom honeymoon packages are the favourite among couples as the romantic vibe created by the rain and chilling wind bonds two souls in love. Go bird watching at Kumarakom bird sanctuary to spot migrant birds like Egret, Darter, Heron, Teal and Siberian stork located on the eastern banks of Vembanad lake.

Though hill stations and backwaters are all-time favourite destinations of the tourists during monsoon, Kochi holds a mysterious beauty of its own during the season. Kochi lies on the windward side of western ghats, hence is blessed with heavy rainfalls. Enjoy the first shower on the islands of Kochi surrounded by the brimming Vembanad Kayal. The lush emerald nature enhances the beauty of the islands drenched in the playful rain. Also, visit the largest man made islands in India- The Wellington island created to create a new port for India by the British.

Hidden among the dense green rain forest flows the roaring waterfall- Athirapally. Monsoon magic at Athirapally falls a must-see for every nature lover. The brimming Chalakudy river rushes among the giant boulders in full force plunges down the edge into the wild rainforest leaving a misty atmosphere behind. The music created by the gushing waterfalls along with the visual treat leaves you transfixed. The grandiose waterfall justifies its adjective” The Niagara of India” rightfully during the monsoon. The mist generated by the slashing waterfall and the lush green Sholayar forest around the falls combined together become an epic canvas.

Monsoon paints Wayanad in sheer greenery leaving you spellbound. The winding roads of Thamarassery churam through the fog-laden rainforest gives you the breathtaking view of the district. Mountains and plains form the landscape of Wayanad. Scaling Chembra, the highest peak in Wayanad offers you the breathtaking view of the heart-shaped lake and greenery.

The trail up to the mysterious Edakkal caves and view from the top formed by the Karapuzha dam reservoir contrasted by the dark clouds is beautiful.

Adventure during the monsoon gives you a different kind of thrill. The trail up to the Pakshipathalam crossing Shola forests and high altitude grasslands of Brahmagiri hills are alluring scenes to your eyes. The bamboo rafting on the river passing by the dense rainforest, triple estates and tea plantations is an amazing experience especially if it is done in the icy drizzle.

Tourist Book Kerala monsoon packages from Ahamedabad and Pune to escape the dry, hot and dusty city life. The monsoon tour packages offered by Funday holidays covers every monsoon magic that you need to spice up your vacation.

Funday Holidays offers you with three main categories of monsoon tourism packages in India :




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