Malaysia Package

4 Days and 5 Nights

Day 01

Early Morning Arrival at cochin international airport send to Ayurveda Hospital Morning 9.00 & evening 4.00. Udvarthanam this is a slimming treatment, which reduces fatty deposits, improves blood circulation, and removes fats from your blood. Medicated herbal powders are used for this treatment. 60 minutes.

Day 02

Morning 9.00 and evening 4.00 – Full Body Oil Massage: This treatment is good for clear blood circulation, tones up muscles and tissues, alleviates stiffness of joints, relaxes the body and mind and the skin becomes soft. 60 minutes.

Day 03

Morning 9.00 Elakkizhi and evening 4.00 Shirodhara – Elakkizhi: Sweating the body with Luke warm herbal pouches and is cooked in herbal oil and is applied to the body. Recommended for Arthritis, Joint pains and Back ache. 1 Hour 15 minutes. Shirodhara: Medicated warm oil is poured on the forehead in a unique method. This treatment is good for insomnia, loss of memory, mental tension, stress and head related problems. 60 minutes.


Three days of twice daily massage will increase your energy and mind, rejuvenate the body, breakup fatty deposits, create more youthful vital appearance and these treatments are recommended by Ayurveda Doctors for both Men and Women. After treatement Evening Drop at Airport

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