It was formed as Alleppey District on August 17, 1957. The name of the district was officially changed to Alappuzha in 1990. The district is a widely known tourist destination and is well known for its Coir factories. Most of Kerala's coir industries are situated in and around Alappuzha. The district is also known for its communist traditions. It is home to the Punnapra-Vayalar uprising against the British and also the revolt against the Feudal raj. Alappuzha is strongly connected by waterways to various other parts of Kerala, including the famous tourist destination, Kumarakom. The present town owes its existence to Raja Kesavadas in the second half of the 18th century but the district of Alappuzha figures in classical literature. Kuttanad, the rice bowl of Kerala, was well known from early in the Sangam period. History says Alappuzha had trade relations with ancient Greece and Rome in B.C.and in theMiddle Ages.

Alapuzha/Kuttanad is one among two places in the world which are situated below sea level.One major attraction of this city is the fact that all the main points of this city are connected via inland canals and are accessible through boats.This is the very reason why this city is known as 'The Venice of The East'.Lots of passenger boat servies starts from Alapuzha Boat Jetty including Alapuzha-Kollam boat service which is the longest water transport route in the state.This one journey will take around 9 hours from source to destination ,but that 9 hours will be a life time experience.

Beautifuly done Houseboats are another attraction of Alapuzha.Never ever miss an opportunity to have a cruise on these luxurious houseboats through the country side of Aleppy district experiencing the unique nature and tastes of this land.You can opt for houseboats ranging from a single bedroom to 5 bedrooms+ conference hall.Just imagine holding a high level meeting inside a fully air conditioned floating conference hall right at the middle of the humongous Vembanad lake.

Primary occupation of the native folks are Rice Cultivation,Coir & Coir Products Manufacturing and Fishing.Alapuzha is blessed with a vast coastal line and some pristine beaches.Alapuzha City Beach is a major tourist spot which becomes crowded in the evenings.If you want to enjoy the beach but not with an accompanying crowd,take a short drive to the outskirts and get yourself rejuvenated at the white sands of Marari Beach.

Churches located at the banks of the backwaters are another speciality of this city and Arthungal Church is the most beautiful among them.Thaneermukkom Bund which is a construction marvel built as a seperation between Vembanad Lake and Arabian sea should not be missed if you are planning a Trip to Alapuzha.

If you are sea food lover,this is the place ! Take a boat ride to the Kuttanad Inlands, enjoy the 'Naadan' sea food delicacies from a local toddy shop and take a sip of fresh cold Toddy ! You will defenitely say that the heaven is there ,in that beautiful land of Alapuzha.

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