Skin Care and Beauty Care Ayurveda Packages for Anti Aging

Day and Night

a) Abhyangam.

Special Soothing oil massage to dissolve accumulated toxins from the body. It helps to relieve the fatigue and re energize your body and mind.

b) Sirodhra

Lukewarm medicated oil is poured over the forehead along with a gentle massage on head. This helps to energize the chakra point and has a relaxing effect on brain cells.

c) Takradhara( for body and head)

Therapy with medicated butter milk. It is poured over head along with soft massage

d) Ksheeradhara

Medicated milk is poured continuously all over the body or forehead along with soft massage .this is highly moisturizing and helps to relieve one from tension and worries.

e) Sirovasti

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