Nelliyampathy - Green Land Farm Houses and Resort

With clouds frolicking around the tips of lush mountains; cool breeze wafting along with sweet smell from flowers and trees. Where your eyes go, you will be able to awe at the wonder of nature and stunning sceneries – that’s Nelliyampathy for you….

A hill station set cosily in the Nelliyampathy Forest Reserve, this piece of heaven has secured an indomitable place within the list of must-see kerala attractions. Located in Palakkad, Nelliyampathy is a beautiful and perfect holiday destination with expansive greenery, fresh air and very good climate. The best way to get there is by road; which extends from Nenmara and goes till Pothundy Dam. This route offers breath-taking scenic views, as one may have to go through ten hairpin bends to reach Nelliyampathy. You may come across many farms which specialise in bio-farming while this place is popular for orange cultivation. In and around nelliyampathy resorts and hotels are found in considerable numbers so that one doesn’t have to worry about entering a remote and thinly populated region. Nelliyampathy Hills is a popular tourist spot and round the year people throng this place for tranquillity and rejuvenate.

One can simply relax and enjoy nelliyampathy sightseeing that includes places like Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Palagapandi Estate, Padagiri, Seetharkundu Viewpoint, Pothundi Reservoir, Malampuzha Gardens and many others. Wherever you travel here, you will come across the routes extensively dotted with tea and coffee plantations and the fragrance which come from these areas are heavenly and has a calming effect on you. Nelliyampathy is also a good place for adventure lovers as one can enjoy boating, rafting and trekking here owing to the lakes, hilly and forest terrains which are spread all around.

Book a nelliyampathy one day tour with Funday Holidays and we will help you to explore this picturesque paradise with much ease.

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