Thusharagiri - A Green Heaven To RELAX And ENJOY

The fun of holiday will get the top quotient by taking a trip down to Thusharagiri in Kozhikode, Kerala. While there are several exciting things to do in thusharagiri, the two main things one has to essentially do is to RELAX and ENJOY! Time takes a backseat here while leisure rules the mind.

A green heaven, this place offers serenity and tranquillity at the maximum level. At thusharagiri trekking and rock climbing activities are very popular since it is a hilly terrain and people with adventurous spirit have a good scope to explore the place.

Being one of the important kerala attractions, tourists mostly throng to this place to watch the magnificent Thusharagiri Falls, which is 50 kms from Kozhikode Railway Station. The Calicut International Airport lies 23 kms from Kozhikode town and from there the falls are 50 kms away.

As a matter of fact, Thusharagiri means the snowy mountain. Also, the interesting story behind it is that the Chalippuzha River here spreads out itself into three waterfalls that creates a snow-like spray – that denotes the name. Of the three waterfalls of Thusharagiri, there is Thenpara which is highest waterfall that falls from an astonishing 75 metres of height.

It is mesmerising to go for thusharagiri sightseeing, since it all presents a scenic view of the nature. The flora and fauna in wild life sanctuary provides with an enriching experience. Ramakkalmedu Peak, Keezharkuthu Waterfall, Kalvari Mount Cheeyappara and Valara Waterfalls, Malankara Reservoir and Palkulamedu Peak are some of the places to visit in thusharagiri.

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