Fort Kochi- Keeping History Intact

One of the most favourite places in a traveller’s catalogue, Fort Kochi earns the position of being one of the most immensely happening cities of God’s Own Country. It embraces people from varied background, religions and places which adds up to its colourful setting. Enjoying a prominent holiday status among other Kerala Destinations, Fort Kochi is visited by people from across the country as well as world. In fact, the place boasts of world class environments and recreational hubs owing to lots of foreigners who thrive here for its culture and holistic ambience.

Why Fort Kochi is ranked high in the list of Kerala attractions, is that it offers touristsextensive choices to visit beach, museums, shopping spots, food joints and most importantly, the famous Chinese Fishing Nets. The Fort Kochi beach mainly attracts people towards these strategically located nets that provide picture-perfect backgrounds, especially while clicking photos. It is quite pleasing to eyes as well to watch the sunset against these iconic Chinese Fishing Nets and the blue Arabian Sea.

There are n-number of eateries in Fort Kochi – from local street cafés to high class hotels, which offer lip-smacking delicacies and traditional cuisines. As there are many foreigners in this region there are exclusive restaurants which specialise in Spanish, Italian, Chinese and French recipes.

To soak into these laidback environs, one can simply walked down the cobblestoned lanes of Fort Kochi and feel the rich legacy that looms here. Locales here are quite helpful as well as resourceful if you seem to have lost the way or having doubts on certain food items on the menu. People have a jovial heart to assist the needy in most possible way. That is why, people from different nationals find Fort Kochi as a home away from home. They are made to feel quite welcome here and put to ease instantly.

The list of Fort Kochi tourist attractions is incomplete without getting into shops of spices or curios.With Kerala being rich in Spices, one can get to see many stalls and departments in Fort Kochi selling these refined aromatic food ingredients. On the other hand, one will get to see an array of beautiful artefacts, handicrafts, traditional showpieces and souvenirs that will be quite attractive enough to gift someone back home.

To get better taste of Fort Kochi, get in touch with Funday Holidays team. We have attractive holiday packages and offer deals that will give you a complete tour about Fort Kochi and also other important places in the Ernakulam city. For the uninitiated, Fort Kochi is quite accessible from International Airport and in close proximity with the urban vibrancies of Ernakulam. Your vacation can thus, have the twist of both the worlds – the tranquillity of Fort Kochi beach as well as the hustle-bustle of a happening city life. Funday Holiday offers overall assistance in planning your trip – be it homestay, restaurant, Fort Kochi places to visit, food and travel options – everything to make your stay in Kerala comfortable and hassle-free. Get in touch with us to know more!

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