Varkala- Kerala's Best Cliffs Beach

To enjoy diverse recreational activities, then Varkala is the place for you. One of the best holiday beach destinations, Varkala is highly considered among kerala attractions, for its scenic beaches, serene backwaters, historical and spiritual landmarks, Ayurveda centres, massage parlours and vibrant markets and shopping centres.

Just imagine, sipping delicious coconut water along the blue waters of a beach, sinking your feet in the soft sands and watching the sea and clouds floating by. One can simply forget the tiresome routines or work tensions by just coming here to Varkala and take a plunge in its tranquil ambience. Varkala is, in fact, 39km away from Trivandrum International airport and there is good connectivity from Varkala Sivagiri railway station.
Enjoy with your family by splashing in the cool waters of varkala beach that provides good setting for having quality time with the loved ones. Or honeymoon couples will love this place as it has different places to explore and enjoy each other’s company.
On another note, the Varkala beach is also known as Papanasham Beach, which is believed to wash away one’s sins after a dip in its water. Also, people come down here to scatter the ashes of their recently deceased relatives, which is considered that in doing so it will help the soul find ultimate peace. Similarly there are other holy places like Janardana Swami Temple, Sivagiri Mutt, here in Varkala that attract those who are more inclined to spirituality and searching for religious solace.
Besides, Varakala is also known for Anjengo Fort and Varkala Tunnel. If you are lover of walking, then Anjengo Fort will suit you. The place is beautifully located within the comforting natural settings as well as rich historical legacy. For, its roots go well back to the ancient Dutch, Portuguese establishments and even the English East India Company. Whereas the Varkala Tunnel is touted to be nearly 151 years old and it is close proximity to Varkala Lighthouse, which also attracts lots of tourists.
Nevertheless, one should not miss varkala beach tourism because there are gamut of choices in adding a ‘blue’ twist to your vacation. Besides beach, there are popular lakes and backwaters which will calm your senses and give a refreshing feel. For instances the Paravur and Kappil Lake can prove to be a perfect gateway from the chaos of urban activities. With Funday Holidays, make your trip worthwhile and build a lifetime sweet memory! We offer attractive varkala beach tour package that will be tailor made according to your travel plan and holiday requirement. In fact Varakala has good places where one can explore their adventurous side like indulging in swimming and paragliding at Varkala beach.
We are also know for varkala holiday packages which will suite every individual, no matter their age, preferences and homestay options. Our team are ever ready to serve you and your demands even with travel and ticketing facilities. So, no need to even fuss about how to reach varkala beach, for we are here to help you right away!

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