Athirapally- The Largest Waterfall in Kerala

One of the most exuberant places in Kerala, is the lovely Athirappally. An expensive piece of heaven in God’s very own Country - It is something one cannot miss for, if one goes on a trip to Kerala. The rich natural settings with varied elements, including greenery, waterfalls, tall trees, colorful wild flowers – all put together brings a calming effect on mind, body and eyes. Being one of the favorite holiday destinations, Athirappally wins hands down in finding itself a prominent place in Kerala attractions. People from all over India and foreign countries come down to soak in the serene and tranquil environments here and get refreshed.

The main attractions here are the Athirapally and vazhachal waterfalls, which are quite stunning and leave a beautiful impact on one’s memory. Especially, the famous Athirapally Falls is extremely worth one’s trip. Once you see it directly, you will feel that, no wonder Athirappalli falls is enjoying such glorious stature. They are truly a gorgeous sight to behold; with waters cascading from such great heights and gushing down the rocky terrains in a magnificent manner. Many iconic Indian films like Baahubali have been shot against this striking backdrop. Being here, one will be quite mesmerized by its beauty and also marvel at the works of God in coming up with such creation. Thus, Athirapally falls tourism has been growing stronger with each passing year and people come back to see this nature’s marvel again and again.

Besides Athirapally sightseeing places in Kerala extend to Ernakulam and Fort Kochi. But you need to rely on a professional local guide to get there on your own. But if you hire the expert services like Funday Holidays, you do not have to worry on any travelling or holiday planning. Our tour packages specialize in Athirapally Vazhachal tourist places, besides other popular locations in Kerala. Contact us and know more!

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