Gavi - A Piece of Heaven on Earth

Nestled cosily among the lush greenery, with gurgling streams and forest cacophony, Gavi is truly a piece of heaven on earth. Time takes a break and simply walks leisurely here - allowing one to casually bask in the warm sunshine that comes through the canopies of trees and breathe in the fresh nature’s fragrance. Everywhere you look, Gavi offers perfect setting; not only to take pictures, but to be assured that every corner here is pure and unsoiled by urbanization. Take down a Gavi trip and we, at Funday Holidays, will tell you how….

Popular among Kerala attractions, Gavi is one of the most preferred gateways for people, especially in southern states, besides its counterparts and other nationals. The key factor of this place is that it is left untouched by urban civilization since the governing authorities are strict to maintain a pollution and litter free environment here. That is why, taking a vacation here is a welcome change for nature lovers. Just go for a one day trip to Gavi and you will understand how the Nature totally influences you, your mind, body and wellbeing.

A sleepy yet alluring village in Pathanamthitta district, Kerala, Gavi has been interestingly set amidst the Ranni reserve forest and is also a part of the Periyar Tiger Reserve. People with adventurous and photography streak stand a good opportunity to explore the wildlife and fauna of this heavenly abode. One would be delighted to see vibrant flowers and tall trees along the roads and spread all over the lovely terrains.If you are lucky, then you can find the shy Nilgiri Langur or the naughty Malabar giant squirrel running across the trees. Or kick some excitement by watching the magnificent elephants or lions from the evergreen forests of Periyar Tiger Reserve.

Besides these, Gavi tourist places include many other picnic points and holiday activities which you can enjoy with your near and dear ones if you come down here. In fact, Gavi got the tourism boost since it turned out as a favorite location for the film world; especially for shooting romantic songs. Yes, Gavi is indeed breathtakingly beautiful and will make you feel that you are in a world of fantasy - with Picturesque sceneries all around, clear water lakes, gorgeous waterfalls, healthy air, cool weather, humble locales… everything that will help you forget your boring routine back home.

We, at Funday Holidays, will see how your stay at this eco-tourist haven can be turned out to be more comfortable, peaceful and with no space for any kind of issues. Our Gavi tour package encompasses all the amenities and facilities that will make a picture perfect of your holiday memories. Be it booking a room, flight tickets, food arrangement or travel options – Funday Holidays have all the solutions for your vacation plans. We also have flexible Gavi tour package rates to suit your preferences and according to the number of days you stay here. Do get in touch and allow us to show how we may help you...

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