Kerala is known for its enchanting landscape and charming water bodies. The land is blessed with several rivers, lakes, and streams. Many small and big waterfalls also add to the paradise-like beauty of Kerala. Moreover, the land has undisturbed forest regions, as it is located in the foothills of the Western Ghats. If you yearn to enjoy the unique beauty of it all, Athirappilly is the best choice for you.

Located in the Thrissur district, Athirappilly is a dreamy land with captivating waterfalls, well-kept gardens, and mysterious deep forests. The lofty peaks, green valleys, and silvery streams add to the beauty of the tourist destination. Environmentalists attest to the rich biodiversity, which is second in the state. Thus the place is a paradise for nature lovers. Adventure enthusiasts can involve in jungle safari and imbibe the unique charm of the forest region. There is no wonder why the place is ranked a top tourist hot spot in Kerala.

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Located in the outskirts of Sholayar reserve forest, Athirappilly has a mysterious charm about it. Rich in biodiversity, the location is home to many rare and endangered species. It is the only place in the Western Ghats where the four varieties of hornbills are found. Because of this incredible biodiversity and protest from the environmentalists to protect it, the Kerala government canceled the hydroelectric project that was planned in the area. Hence Athirappilly still retains its virgin beauty. The attractions in the region, Athirappilly waterfall being the best among them, are worth at least three days of sightseeing. The small cascades nearby also have their unique beauty. If you want to enjoy a relaxing picnic, you can head to Thumboormuzhi Dam and the Ezhattumukham Prakriti Gramam located close to it. Silver Storm Water Theme Park is a mandatory stop for those traveling with their children.

Best Time To Visit Athirappilly

The winter season is deemed the best time to visit Kerala because of its mild weather conditions. However, if you want to see the waterfall in its full glory, you should visit it during the monsoon. Each season has something to offer the tourists. So prefer the time that attracts you most.

  • Winter season: Winter, which falls between November to February, is the best time, climate-wise, to visit the destination. The days are pleasant, nights are cozy, and the sky is starry during this season. At its maximum, the temperature reaches 28 degrees Celcius, while 16 degrees Celcius is the minimum point. Hence, this time sees a rush of tourists to the location.
  • Summer Season: Summer is marked with unbearable humidity and heat. The temperature can rise to 38 degrees Celcius. Thus the season is preferred by many for a vacation in Kerala. The boon, however, is that the destination will be less crowded and that the hotel rooms will be available during this time. Many tourist agencies give a reduction for their tour packages. So you can travel to Athirapilly without making your wallet lighter.
  • Monsoon season: If you want to see the Athirappilly waterfall in its full glory, you have to visit it during the monsoon season. With ubiquitous greenery, water-filled backwaters and intermittent golden rays of the sun, nature assumes a freshness during the rainy season. The flow of the river increases and as a result, the cascade, which was dreamy and meek during summer, becomes powerful and furious during the monsoon. Hence most tourists prefer to visit the destination during this time.

How To Reach Athirappilly

Athirappilly is an easily accessible tourist destination. Located in the Thrissur district, the place has an airport and a railway station nearby. It is also connected by road to the nearest town of Chalakkudy.

  • By Air: Cochin International Airport is the closest one to Athirappilly. It receives frequent flights from all parts of India as well as the world. As the world’s first of its kind running solely on solar power, the airport itself is famous. You can get a taxi and reach Athirappilly, which is almost 70 Kilometers away, within a couple of hours.
  • By Rail: Located twenty-eight kilometers away, the Chalakkudy railway station is the nearest one to Athirappilly. Taxis are available for hire from the station. If you prefer a cheaper mode, you can catch a bus from the bus station located at a walkable distance from the railway station.
  • By Road: Athirapilly has State Highway 21 (SH-21) passing through it. As the tourist destination is almost 28 kilometers from Chalakkudy town, it is easily accessible through the road. Regular bus services are available from Chalakkudi to Athirappilly. The route is also great for a road trip as the path is covered on both sides with thick greenery. As the road, which leads to the Sholayar forest region, is in good condition, you will surely enjoy the drive.