Kerala Ayurvedic Treatment Tour Packages

Kerala Ayurvedic Treatment Tour Packages

A vacation or a lifestyle change? How about both? Interesting, isn’t it? But how? It is simple, an Ayurvedic Treatment Package! This tour package helps you to enhance your life quality. We provide Ayurvedic treatment packages that interest holidayers who wish to relax, refresh, and rejuvenate! There are therapies for illness and wellness, you can choose the one you need. You can book Ayurvedic Treatment Packages through Funday Holidays and experience a therapy that is more like a vacation.

We, as expert travel planners, are associated with different Ayurvedic centers. Holidayers get exceptional treatment and accommodation at these centers. The treatment can build a balance between mind, body, and soul. You can discuss your requirements, health issues, and concerns with us. We will convey the same to our doctors, who will then suggest to us the therapy best suitable for you. Depending upon your requirement, the treatment can be prevention or curation. During the treatment days, you will spend your days at an Ayurvedic clinic, which has all the facilities to soothe your tired soul.

We assure you that during the treatment days, you will enter into a different world of healing. The treatment includes massage and meditation along with a proper diet, will heal your body and mind. Enjoy the Ayurvedic treatment Package to refresh and relax, something only a perfect vacation can offer!

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    Kerala, otherwise famously known as god's own country. It's truly blessed with its unique features, the diverse and multicultural and ethnic heritage blended with historic presence and geographical features make Kerala stand apart from other destinations in India and the world too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a healthy-lifestyle followed for more than 5,000 years. The emphasis of Ayurveda is on curation and prevention of illness. Ayurveda put forth the use of herbal medication and healthy lifestyle practice, which includes massage, yoga, meditation, and diet.

What is the duration of Ayurvedic therapies?

The duration of therapy depends upon the reason for the medication ( cure or prevention), treatment method and the medicines used.

Does Ayurveda have any side effects?

No. Ayurvedic treatment does not have any side effects because medicinal plants and oils are used for treatment.

Which are the packages you offer?

Funday Holidays offer five packages for our clients. You can choose Weight Reduction Ayurvedic Treatment Tour Package, Skincare and Beauty care for anti-aging ayurvedic Tour Package, Back and Neck care Special Ayurveda Treatment Tour Package, Traditional Kerala Ayurveda Treatment Tour Package, Joint Care Ayurveda Treatment Tour Package, De-Stress to Calm your body, mind and soul Ayurveda Treatment Tour Packages. The package cost and treatment practice vary and most of the packages include treatment like Abyangam & Swedhanam Kizhi, Pizhichil Kadi Vasthi, Njavara, and Yoga.

Which is the best time for Ayurvedic treatment?

The best time for Ayurvedic medication is Karkidakam/ Monsoon.