Back & Neck Care Special Ayurveda Treatment Tour Package

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In day-to-day life, we mostly come across the spinal issues due to sedentary lifestyles like unhealthy foods, bad posture& stress

According to Ayurveda, the neck and back pain occurs due to vitiation of Vata. We are providing a special back and neck care program which is mainly focused on strengthening and nourishing the muscle and bone tissues through traditional ayurvedic treatments, with internal medications and yoga.

The following treatments are included in this package.

  1. Abyangam & Swedhanam : Dissolve toxins in your body by massaging your body with medicated oil. Relieve your body from all sorts of fatigue and re-energize mind and body. Remove the stiffness & heaviness of your body after an herbal steam bath to improve body immunity, reduce stress & anxiety.
  2. Kizhi: Relieve body swelling & pain with a bundle of medicated herbal powder or leaves.
  3. Pizhichil: Lukewarm medicated oil is poured all over the body with soft gentle massages..
  4. Kadi Vasthi: Medicated oil is retained over the neck area and back area inside the herbal paste boundary which helps to improve neck muscle movement and maintain the structure of your neck. This also removes stiffness, pain, strengthens bones and improves circulation.
  5. Njavara: Medicated Njavara with milk & herbs is applied all over the body. This reduces to rejuvenate senses, relax your body and reduce stress.
  6.  Yoga: Yoga helps you to take care of your body and increase mind control. Yoga helps to remove stress and toxins from the mind. A sound body is the result of a sound mind.
Duration : 3 - 20 Days
Includes : Accommodation, All Meals, Transfers
Policies : Read more about our Tour Booking and Cancellation Policies .

1 Review

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Very Good


I have done Njavara and I’m happy with the result, the service too. It was the only doctor I met so far who knew exactly what I needed. It was a good experience with the Funday holidays, thanks to the Funday holidays for this treat.

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