With its picturesque greenery, refreshing cool winds, and comfortable climate, Thekkady ranks top in the list of tourism destinations in Kerala. If you are a nature lover who yearns to enjoy the natural beauty of God’s own country, this will be the perfect spot for you. Located in the Idukki district, the place is a buzzing tourist destination in Kerala. At this haven, you can unwind, de-stress, and take a break from the hectic day-to-day activities.

Located at a height of 700 meters above mean sea level in Idukki, Kerala, the serene place consists of many tourist locations that will enchant you. The major tourist attraction in Thekkady is a 777 square kilometer area of preserved forest devoid of human intervention. Periyar National Park, as the place is named, is renowned for its tropical flora and rare fauna including endangered species like the lion-tailed monkey, tiger, leopard, sambar deer, and so on.

For those who enjoy drifting through Thekkady backwater, Periyar Lake awaits. It is another tourist spot in Thekkady that provides an option for boating. The placid artificial lake offers not only a unique view into diverse wildlife but a fun-filled ride through it can indeed take your mind off things. The rejuvenating ride through the 25 square kilometer water body is an experience unique to Thekkady.

The calm and serene atmosphere of the area does not make it a dull place for adventure lovers. The tourist location offers many fun-filled experiences that will enthrall them too. Activities in Thekkady like trekking, boating, safari, and adventure rides are diverse and exciting. You can also enjoy indigenous Kerala foods and do some shopping. Tourists are excited to buy handicrafts, high-quality spices, and also collect some souvenirs.

There are many places in and around this paradise on earth that can excite those who love to get close to the bosom of Mother Nature. The following are the 10 tourist places near Thekkady that should not be missed at any cost on a tour to Thekkady. So when you are traveling to the destination make sure to map your route through these serene places.

Best Time To Visit Thekkady

  • Winter Season ( October to February): Winter is considered to be the best season in Thekkady. The weather at the time will be cool and pleasant. The highest temperature will not be more than 15-16 degrees Celcius. So if you are someone who loves morning chills this is the best time for you.  Moreover, October to February is the time when most festivals take place in Thekkady. The bright colors and loud and exciting music are the special features that will give you a new experience.
  • Summer Season ( March to May): The temperature starts to rise from the first week of March, marking the beginning of summer in Thekkady.  The temperatures can rise up to 35-degree Celcius during afternoons making it the hottest season in Thekkady. If you love the warm climate, this is the best time for you. The upside is that the prices of the package tours to Thekkady at this time will be low compared to other seasons.
  • Monsoon Season (June to September): Monsoon is a great time in Kerala. The beauty of pouring rain is incomparable to any other season in India. You have the option to get the first-hand experience of the season if you visit Thekkady between the months of June and September. The pouring rain drenching the trees and filling the backwaters of Thekkady is a refreshing sight.

How To Reach Thekkady

The beautiful hill station in Kerala can be easily reached through the road. It is the easiest way to visit the tourist destination.

  • By Road: If you have an option to drive to the location, you should definitely prefer that. The ride through the quaint countryside with tea plantations and the green forest is an exciting experience. You can easily get a bus from nearby places like Kottayam and Kochi. There are state-run busses from long distances like Thiruvananthapuram. Private busses and cabs are also available options to reach Thekkady.
  • By Air: Madurai Airport which is located at a distance of 136 kilometers is the nearest one to Thekkady. Cochin International Airport is the closest international terminus. But it is located almost 190 kilometers from the destination. Nevertheless, you can hire a cab from the airport and reach the hill station within 2 or 3 hours. If you are traveling from North India you can prefer it.
  • By Rail: Kottayam railway station is the closest location to Thekkady. It is almost 114 kilometers away from the tourist spot. To get to Thekkady, you can hire a cab or get into public transport from Kottayam.

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