A Southeast Asian country resting on the Malay Peninsula, Malaysia is a land with a rich history and natural beauty. The nation is blessed with serene beaches, green mountains, historical places, and cosmopolitan cities with most modern facilities. The country has seen an economic boom in the past few decades due to oil wealth and investment in the technological sector. The diverse culture and natural beauty make the land a much-visited tourist location in Asia. The tourists love to involve in various activities like trekking, backpacking, sightseeing, and enjoying indigenous food.

A major attraction in Malaysia is that the trip to the place is not much expensive compared to many other countries offering the same experiences and landscapes. Availing a tourist visa to the land is also very easy for almost all nationals. The citizens are also friendly and welcoming. So if you want to travel to a distant land with your small budget, Malaysia will be the perfect spot for you.

The country which suffered under British colonial rule and the Second World War gained independence on 31st August 1957. Since then it has seen steady growth in GDP and is now ranked third-largest industrialized market economy in Southeast Asia. Malaysia has undergone unprecedented growth in the tourism sector also.

The two geographic regions, Peninsular (West) Malaysia and East Malaysia have their unique tourism opportunities. The highly populated West Malaysia comprises the cosmopolitan city of Kuala Lumpur which also is the capital of the country. East Malaysia is more endowed with natural beauty as it consists of dense jungles, coastal plains, and mountains. Hence a tourist to the country can involve in both the busy life of the city and a peaceful retreat in the natural environment.

The places to visit and things to do in Malaysia are: