Singapore to Colombo: Five Remarkable World Cities to visit in 2021

Planning a world tour? Are these elegant world cities on your 2021 travel list? Often when we decide on what to include for a world tour package, we don't know what all to include. On this page, you can have that sorted out easily.

In this world, there are a few things that catch your soul by the heart, and beautiful cities are those that feed happiness to your senses always. Our list of culturally rich cities includes iconic places to visit during your travel journey. This is because they encompass a great combination of royal architecture, artistic gardens, flamboyant lifestyles and textures, and tastes that would tantalize your tastebuds like never before. You can visit must-see cities like Singapore, Bangkok (Thailand), Colombo (Sri Lanka), Rio De Janeiro and so many more.


This vibrant island city is home to a lot of cultural diversity that one must experience in a lifetime. The place is known to have one of the most efficient transport systems that are affordable, eco-friendly, and convenient.

When planning for your International tour packages for family, please tell your travel guide to include Singapore. Some of the best places that would be loved by children and adults alike are Sentosa Island, Singapore Botanical Gardens, Gardens by the Bay, and the Merlion Park.

For the romantic couples enjoy the night safari, and even the Singapore flyer ride is one of a kind. The Singapore Zoo is different as you can get to see animals placed in an ambiance that matches their natural settings too.


This fantastic country is a dreamland for the one who loves to explore. It is an awesome getaway location that you must include your travel itinerary next time. Malaysia offers some of the best islands that are known for protecting the flora and fauna aesthetically.

Some of the places you can explore are Mount Kinabalu – Hiker's Paradise, Penang – Cultural Heaven, Perhentian Island –The land of colorful corals and Mantanani – known for marine life. Of course, there are many places, but these would accentuate your travel memories to the next level.

Rio De Janeiro (Brazil)

This place is the cultural capital of Brazil. Festivals and carnivals are part of their rich culture. This city is famous for the ‘Cristo Redentor' statue of Christ, the Sugarloaf Mountain, Corcovado, and Copacabana. Apart from visiting these places, indulge in some hardcore street shopping, and the street foods are truly lip-smacking, fresh, and keep varying according to the viability in the place.

Bangkok (Thailand)

This travel destination is one of the most popular places to visit in Asia. City lovers, who want to enjoy the fast pace of city life and also nuzzle into the traditional beauty of Thailand, then Bangkok should be your next must hit travel spot.

From slurping into hot noodle bowls to going Wow over the tall skyscrapers, you can experience the diverse culture from the assorted types of the crowd that exist in this amazing city.

Colombo (Sri Lanka)

Colombo is a splendid culturally strong city and is the capital of Sri Lanka. For travel lovers, Sri Lanka is noted to be the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean', and your mesmerizing sojourn in this place will be satisfied once you step into Colombo. You surely won't regret it once you make this part of your International tour packages, as there is more than the words can tell you. You ought to experience it for real!

The city is beautiful beyond words and the tropical climate will allow you to experience a variety of fruits, vegetables, and seafood delights during your stay. This is a very place but their cultural values are reflected through their museums, architecture, concerts and lots more. Once in Colombo, take time to visit the Dutch Period Museum, Turtle Conservation Villa, a couple of live arts performing theatres.

The list could go on but our special list includes those cities that promise to give an overload of cultural excitement. You can also step into the charming city of London, and then also experience the serenity offered by Kyoto (Japan) – the land of Buddhist temples, and finally fall in love with history by stepping into Paris – a city where the height and grace of the Eiffel tower speak volumes of its traditional elegance.


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