Kerala Beach & Backwater Tour Packages

There is no doubt that, in making Kerala one of the best tourist places to holiday in India, beaches and backwaters play an imperative role. Lying on the shore of the mighty Arabian Sea, Kerala is gifted in plenty with some of the best beaches in India that attract tourists not only from India but also from across the world. One can, without any doubt, say that the sprawling beaches and unique backwaters of Kerala make it the tourist destination everyone loves to holiday with their families and friends. There no doubt that the Kerala beach and backwater packages will certainly leave you surprised and wanting more.

Kerala has the most expansive coastal area of 590 kilometers by the virtue of sharing its border with the Arabian Sea in the west. This provides the state with some of the most beautiful and exceptionally breathtaking beaches one can find in the entire subcontinent. Some of the most important beaches in Kerala that you must ensure are a part of your Kerala beach and backwater packages are Kovalam, Varkala, Alappuzha, Kochi, Marari, Kappad, Beypore, and Bekal. All of these beaches are exceptionally developed without taking away their natural beauty. One will be surprised to see the care taken by the government of Kerala to ensure that all of these beaches stay clean, attractive and secure fort the people visiting it. If you are in Kerala to enjoy its natural beauty as much as you want, then making beaches in Kerala an important itinerary is a must.

For many, when thinking about Kerala, the first thing that comes to their minds is the backwaters of Kerala. The backwaters are closely tethered to the intricate inland water systems of Kerala, the backwaters are a highly sought-after tourist attraction in Kerala. One can find several impeccably value-adding Kerala backwaters packages that can offer you some of the best holiday experiences amidst Kerala backwaters. The backwaters are further adorned by the lush vegetation that thrives on both sides of the water bodies and creates an immaculate feeling. The cruise hiring a houseboat on the Kerala backwaters will surely provide you all the thrills and chills you need to enjoy this natural phenomenon that you can only observe here in Kerala only. You can float on the backwaters of Kerala in a houseboat looking at the starry skies in the night and enjoy the Kerala cuisine in all its lip-smacking flavors. You will be provided with dishes made with freshly caught fish from the backwaters right in front of your eyes. If you are planning for a holiday in Kerala and want to make the best of it, ensure that you have a befitting Kerala beach and backwater packages right up in your sleeves.

Having helped numerous travelers and tourists from across the world with carefully conceived Kerala beach and backwater packages, we have the right experience and networking capability to help you carve the best holiday experience here in Kerala. Not only will you, with us, be able to make the most of your holiday in Kerala but also will be able to get maximum value for each dime you spent.

Kerala Backwaters

Kerala is a land blessed with scenic natural beauty and lush greenery. Replete with rivers and lakes, the place is a paradise for tourists. The first image that comes to mind while thinking about Kerala will be these backwaters. They have thus become the iconic attraction of Kerala tourism. The sightseeing and fishing opportunities that the lagoons and lakes provide make them attractive tourist destinations. People from all around the world come to relax and enjoy a great vacation to the backwaters of Kerala. More than scenic beauty, they offer an opportunity to see a variety of flora and fauna. The places like the Thannermukkom bund where a barrage separates saltwater and freshwater also invokes curiosity in the tourists because of the difference in the color of the water on either side of the bund.

Lying parallel to the Arabian sea coast, the backwaters in Kerala are a network of brackish lakes and lagoons. The blue hue of water combined with the emerald green shores makes it eye candy for anyone visiting the South-Indian state. Apart from an attractive sight that lures the tourists, these backwaters are forms of transport and movement of goods. Totaling to 900 kilometers, the canals, inlets, and rivers form a commercial labyrinth of the state.  The picturesque beauty of the Kerala backwaters makes it a tourist hotspot. Many places like Kumarakom, Kuttanad, Ashtamudi, and so on are the best backwater locations in Kerala. Vembanad lake — the largest of all covering an area of 2033 square kilometers — is a majestic sight.  A unique ecosystem is formed in these backwaters where freshwater from rivers mixes with saltwater in the sea. It sustains many varieties of frogs, fishes, crabs and oysters which are not commonly seen in other parts of the world.

Traditional boat races, which are conducted annually in the different lakes, are unique festive events in Kerala. The thrill and excitement of the manual boat race conducted in specially designed traditional boats surpass that of a horse race or a bullfight. Usually conducted between August to November, after the monsoon season, the races are thronged with great crowds of tourists from different parts of the world. Many luxury resorts line these beautiful lakes. For those who cannot afford to stay in them, there are homestays around the backwaters available at cheap rates.

A houseboat cruise through the backwaters is also an exciting activity for tourists visiting Kerala. Houseboats are the modern form of traditional Kettuvallams. They were used for accommodation as well as commerce in the olden days. The modern-day houseboats are big redesigned boats with all the facilities of a small hotel. They can be single or two-storied and have a kitchen, sit-outs, fully furnished bedrooms, and so on. Slowly cruising through the backwaters in these boats absorbing the beautiful sights and serene climate is a great experience. Hence tourists to the place invariably take a trip through the backwaters of Kerala.