Have you ever earned to break out of the busy city life and lead a simple and relaxed sojourn in the village? To get out of all the noise and be at peace? If so, Kumbalangi is the best tourist place for you. Here you can disconnect from all the artificialities and live close to nature.

A glimpse of a minimalist life without stress is what Kumbalangi tour offers to you. It gives you an opportunity to live among the villagers and enjoy the calmness of a traditional village in Kerala. The prospect of enjoying its pristine backwaters and learning traditional jobs is indeed exciting.

Located at a distance of 12 km from Kochi, Kumbalangi is a small island village of just 16 square kilometers in area. The relatively unknown fishing hamlet was converted into a model village in 2003 by the government of Kerala under the Kumbalangi Integrated Tourism Village project. It gives you the perfect opportunity to enjoy the stress-free life of the village. Other attractions in Kumbalangi include canoeing, boating, fishing, learning the traditional occupations, relishing local delicacies, and so on.

The following are the top tourist activities in Kumbalangi :

Kumbalangi Village Tour

The most exciting part of the Kumbalangi tour may be the leisure walk around the simple village. You can take a hike through the calm countryside and enjoy the sights. The area is replete with clean air, coconut groves, lush greenery, and pristine backwaters. A stroll through Kumbalangi is both mesmerizing and rejuvenating. You also get to know the life of the villagers up close.

You can literally feel your stress draining away with each moment you spent in the neighborhood. Hence the village tour is one of the greatest attractions in Kumbalangi.

Boating through backwaters

Being an island, Kumbalangi is surrounded by water on all sides. There are also small canals which beckon tourists with their picturesque beauty.  It is an amazing experience to row with the local fisherman through this network of canals. The thickly growing mangroves and coconut trees peaking at you by leaning into the water are beautiful sights. The Chinese fishing nets lining the shores and birds – both indigenous and migratory – gliding close to the water enhance the beauty of the lake.

A slow ride through the backwaters of Kumbalangi watching all these wonderful sights will surely rejuvenate your tired nerves and revitalize you.

Learning traditional Occupations

The tourism location is a small village where people still rely on traditional means to earn their living. The major occupations of the people on the island are fishing, coir making, toddy tapping, and so on. You have the opportunity to experience these ancient occupations first hand and learn them if you like. You can get training on how to throw the fishing net, weave coconut leaves and make coir, baskets, and pottery.

It indeed is a new experience that will remain fresh in your memory for many years. So don't forget to engage in these activities while on your tour to Kumbalangi.

Cooking and enjoying local delicacies

Kumbalangi has many tasty indigenous dishes that will make your mouth water. Karimeen Pollichathu – fried Pearl Spot Fish – is in much demand as it suits the palate of the locals and foreigners alike. Chemmeen Ularthiyathu (Prawns roast) is another local delicacy that everyone asks for. You can also get crabs and oysters prepared indigenously.

You can also get training on how to cook these tasty Kerala dishes. It is both exciting and fun to be involved in the indigenous culinary arts. It would be a refreshing change and will take your mind away from the hectic day to day activities.