Coolest places in Kerala

Coolest places in Kerala – Get to know the coldest place in Kerala

Looking for the coldest place in Kerala to spend your vacation? If you want to spend your vacation at a place endowed with natural beauty, Kerala is the best choice. With rivers, hills, lakes, waterfalls, and lush greenery everywhere, the South Indian state is sure to satisfy the nature enthusiast in you.

But if there is one thing that takes out the fun, it is the heat and humidity of its summer season. The time from March to May in the land can be excruciating, especially for tourists from European countries. Even though it is not as worse as in some of the Northern states of India, the summer season in Kerala is not an easy time. Temperatures can go as high as 38 degrees Celsius; with the high humidity, it becomes unbearable.

Nevertheless, as land with varied geography, there are many places in Kerala with moderate climates. Even during the hottest summers, the temperature of these places remains mild and comfortable. Hence these cold places are best suited for a holiday tour in Kerala.

A comprehensive list of such tourist destinations in God’s own country is below.

1. Munnar

Which is the coldest place in Kerala? Munnar is the coldest place in Kerala. Known as the king of hill stations in Kerala, Munnar is a panoramic location with a moderate climate. Munnar is the best hill station in Kerala and has a pleasant climate throughout the year. Even during April and May, considered the hottest months in Kerala, the temperature of Munnar falls between a comfortable range of 21 to 23 degrees Celsius. The nights here are cool and comfortable. The mist covers the hills and valleys during the dawn. Many attractions here like the Mattuppety dam, Tea Museum, and Eravikulam National Park are worth a visit. Pothenmedu viewpoint, Chinnakkanal waterfalls, and Echo point have some amazing sights in store for those who visit the hill station.

2. Thekkady

Thekkady is known for the famous Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and the beautiful Thekkady lake. It is also one of the coolest places in Kerala, as the temperature falls around 25 degrees Celsius even during summer. The moderate climate facilitates hiking through the Periyar reserve forest and gives the rare opportunity to see tigers. You can also involved in camping, safari, and bamboo rafting. Attractions like the tea plantations at Murikkady, the ancient Mangala Devi temple, and panoramic views from Chellarkovil and Anakkara make the place a buzzing tourist destination.

3. Gavi

Another tourist destination where you can escape the scorching heat of summer is Gavi. Located in the Pathanamthitta district, the place has a moderate climate from March to May. At worst, the temperature rises to 28 degrees Celcius, but it is a rare occurrence. The place, with its exquisite beauty and teeming wildlife, is suited for sightseeing activities. The rolling green hills and the zig-zagging streams create an ambiance like no other. Adventure lovers can involve in trekking and safari through the dense forest. Many rare species of animals like lion-tailed macaques, elephants, and tigers can be seen in Gavi.

4. Vagamon

The charming hill station town of Vagamon is one of the coolest places in Kerala. With a maximum temperature of around 25 degrees, even during summer, the place attracts tourists tormented by the heat of the Indian Subcontinent. The view from the topmost point, almost 1200 meters above sea level, is mesmerizing. You will feel rejuvenated by the fresh cool breeze that blows incessantly. Kurishumala, Indo-Swiss Project, and Thangal Para are some of the attractions worth a visit to the place.

5. Ponmudi

Located in the capital city of Thiruvananthapuram, Ponmudi is a great place to get away from the summer heat in Kerala. Temperatures in the region never go beyond 28 degrees Celsius. Hence Ponmudi is considered one of the relatively cold places in the land. The exquisite location with small and high mountains covered in a green blanket is a charm like no other. A drive through the winding mountain roads takes the tourists through some exquisite sights like the Kallar river, Meenmutty waterfalls, and so on.

6. Lakkidi

Lakkidi is one of the coldest places in Wayanad, if not Kerala, and is located at an elevation of 700 meters above sea level. Because of this elevation, the climatic temperature of the place is mild even during the summer season. The highest temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius. Located atop the Thamarassery ghat pass, the destination has some very charming sights to offer to tourists. The freshwater lake of Pookot, Chain tree, and Lakkidi church are some of the attractions apart from the panoramic view of the land. You can involve in trekking and camping and make your journey to Lakkidi memorable.

7. Marayoor

Marayoor is an exciting place to visit in Kerala, not only due to its cold climate but also for its natural beauty and historical significance. A stroll through the shades of the thick sandalwood forest here is a welcome change from the scorching heat of Kerala summer. Many varieties of flora and fauna, including some migratory birds, are seen here. Moreover, you can find many remnants from the Stone age period in the small town. The dolmens and rock paintings in the region date back to 10,000 BC. Many single-chambered stone structures — believed to be ancient burial sites — are located near the Thenkashinathan Shiva Temple. The rock paintings at Attala and Ezhuthu Guha are also awe-inspiring.

8. Meesapulimala

Standing tall at 2659 meters, Meesapulimala is the second-highest peak in the Western Ghats. The destination, famous for its mist-kissed hills and a picturesque valley covered in a green blanket is one of the coolest places in Kerala. Meesapulimala translates to ‘hills like the whiskers of a tiger’. The shape of the hill which resembles a tiger with prominent whiskers may be the reason behind the name. If you are an adventure lover, you can take part in trekking through the almost perilous path in the hill station.

9. Ramakkalmedu

Ramakkalmedu is a bucolic countryside in Idukki. The mild weather conditions of the region allure tourists to the location. Because of the thick forest and panoramic view from the top point, Ramakkalmedu is listed among the top tourist destinations in Kerala. The place provides a bird’s eye view of the villages Cumbum and Theni in the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu. The forest region is home to a variety of animal, plant, and bird species. You can take selfies near Kuravan and Kurathi, a huge statue that alludes to the Sangam period.

10. Peerumedu

If you want to spend your summer at a place with spectacular waterfalls, open grasslands, and pine forests, Perumedu is the best pick. Located at an elevation of 915 meters, the destination has a cool climate. The exquisite view of the green valley and the white clouds floating beneath the Parunthumbara viewpoint is almost like paradise. The place is also famous for its cardamom plantations, coffee, and tea estates. You can roam around these areas. Even the air is filled with the rejuvenating aroma of cardamom. The place is very romantic and hence is the best choice for a honeymoon.

11. Malampuzha

Malampuzha, with its refreshingly cool climate, is a favorite tourist destination in Kerala. It attracts so much attention due to its variety of attractions. The Malambuzha dam with its exquisite view and the awe-inspiring rock-cut garden enthralls everyone. Art lovers cannot help but ogle at the bewitching charm of the magnificent statue of Malambuzha Yakshi. The nearby snake park is also worth a visit. You can imbibe the beauty of the landscape if you take a ride in the cable car and enjoy a relaxing picnic in the garden filled with beautiful flowers.

12. Mattupetty

Mattupetty, located close to the hill station of Munnar, is a beautiful town in Kerala. Located 1700 meters above sea level, the place has a pleasant climate which attracts many tourists. It is considered one of the coolest places in Kerala as the average climatic temperature falls around 23 degrees Celsius. You will feel rejuvenated in the comfortable climate and will be enchanted by the beautiful sights in the location. Apart from the green hills, there is a beautiful dam and a lake worth a visit here. The dairy farm of international standards is one of the best attractions of Mattupetty. Hence make sure to include the place on your tour to Kerala.

13. Anamudi Shola National Park

A protected area with rich biodiversity, Anamudi Shola National Park is an excellent place for nature lovers. As the park is located 2100 to 2300 meters above sea level, the climate is cool and comfortable year-round. The cold weather in the region makes trekking through the forest very easy. The dense thicket contains many rare varieties of animal and plant species. Though the park is a small region spanning 7.5 square kilometers, the rich biodiversity makes it a favorite tourist spot.

14. Eravikulam National Park

Declared a protected region in 1975, the Eravikulam National Park is an exquisite location. The biodiversity in the park is truly enthralling. It consists of 132 species of birds, 101 varieties of butterflies, 19 types of reptiles, and 26 different amphibians. Leopard, Golden Jackal, Lion-tailed Macaques, Stripe Necked Mongoose, Nigiri Tahr, and Dusky Palm Squirrel are some of the species that capture the interest of visitors. As the park is located in the Western Ghats, the weather is cool and mild. Hence it is suited for anyone hoping to escape the summer in Kerala.

15. Chinnar

Known for its large population of Indian Star Tortoises and Mugger Crocodiles, Chinnar is an excellent location. It is located in the rain shadow region of Western Ghats and has pleasant weather throughout the year. There is a wide variety of animals and plants in the region, some of which are categorized as rare and endangered. 52 varieties of reptiles, 28 species of mammals, 14 different fishes, 156 kinds of butterflies, and 225 varieties of bird species are found in the region. The view of the virgin forest region from the topmost point is also exhilarating. Hence the location is a paradise for nature lovers.

16. Anakkara

If you want to spend your vacation in a small hamlet enjoying the cool climate, head to Anakkara. The small village located on the Kumily-Munnar state highway is the best place to enjoy the beauty of the typical countryside in Kerala. You can also enjoy a picnic near the transfixing Chellarkovil waterfalls. Adventure lovers can have a great time in the village as it has options like trekking and paragliding. Thus the destination is one of the best for those who are looking for a cold place in Kerala.

17. Pandikuzhi

An exquisite location merely 5 kilometers from Thekkady, Pandikuzhi is a buzzing tourist destination. The region exemplifies the natural beauty of Kerala. With its mountains covered in a green blanket, streams zig-zagging through the valleys, and clouds creating moving shadows in the landscape, the panoramic view will surely mesmerize you. The climate is cool and comfortable. Hence the hill station is a great getaway during the tormenting summer in Kerala.



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Priyesh Krishnan says:

Malampuzha is not at all cool…it is very hot and sunny even in winter. You have missed the hill station called “Nelliyampathy” which comes under Palakkad district…very coolest place…

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Thank you for the valuable information. We will definitely consider including the destination in future blog posts.

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