Unique places to visit in Kerala during summer vacations

Summer Vacation In Kerala – 10 Unique Places to Visit in Kerala

It’s that time of the year when the sun is out, the winds are great, the routes are clear and on the whole – the Kerala climate is perfect for the traveling soul to wander in peace. Did you know that one of the best times to visit various places in Kerala is between December to May? So, if you have missed your yearly travel sessions, why not catch up?

For this time's vacation, all you need to do is pack your bags and head to Kerala. We have lined up some of the most unique places one should visit for their Summer vacations. With exciting travel offers, the best travel guides, and some of the iconic environment-friendly travel locations – make Kerala a favorite place for the summer holidays.

Anjengo Fort

Located in the capital of Kerala – Thiruvananthapuram, this splendid Anjeno Fort is synonymous with the historical memories of British rule and the trade transactions of the East India Company. In fact. There was even an old English Fort that was built on the premises by the Attingal queen to improve business ties and also manages various foreign attacks by the invaders. Tourists can reach the place by road. You could get down at the Trivandrum International Airport or at the Trivandrum railway station and catch the cab to the Fort. From Varkala, the distance is about 12 km and is laden with a large stretch of greenery, wrapped in a windy ambiance. For those, who love to unwind, walk-in silence, and keep away from the city chaos – this is a lovely travel option in Kerala.

Periyar Tiger Trail

If you like long adventurous walks, trekking, and trail paths for this vacation, then head over to the Periyar Tiger Trail. You can experience forest life and also have real-time interaction with wild giant squirrels, Nilgiri langurs, and also Indian elephants. The travel has to be booked in advance, as the guide takes tourists in small groups. You can explore and lodge in the place for about 2-3 days, depending on the program you have chosen. Since it is on the outskirts of Kerala city, access to wifi will be limited, but you won't miss the wildlife, local food, and friendly people in the area. The trek will include walks of higher altitudes of about 1300 meters where you can see tribal settlements and even tigers in safe proximity. Apart from range hiking, adventure lovers can indulge in rafting also.


Get a feel of village life once you step into Vandiperiyar. It is the land of plantations, where acres of pepper, spices, and tea are grown. Also, many of the Government monitored flower gardens are home to a lot of exotic flower varieties that are a pleasure to the human eye. You can reach the pale, by dropping at the Kottayam railway station, and then a 60-kilometer road trip. You can use public transport or cab service. If you are traveling from Thekkady, then a simple 18-kilometer drive will reach the destination. The place is normally cool, and quiet. Capture shots of the busy village folks and see the beauty of simple living.

Banasura Hill

Just married? Then you have got to book a vacation to Kerala – at the Banasura Hills. It is situated in Wayanad in the Western Ghats. Seriously, a lover’s spot that is not very common, and untouched by the complex settings of life. You can book resorts and check the terrains with a guide during your visit. The place is tucked away at an altitude of about 2000 meters and lies in the Western Ghats. For the ones who love heights, this is one of the hills that strikes attention right after the Chembra Peak and stands tall between the Himalayas and the Nilgiris Hills. Get to know the tribal life and enjoy the zip lines and a variety of swinging ropes to unwind your adventure vibe.

Malom Wildlife Sanctuary

Often called the Coorg of Kerala- this chilling and refreshing sanctuary is right in the beautiful Kasargod. A well-protected area is home to a lot of flora and fauna and for bird lovers – this is a visual treat. You can visit the palace between 7 am and the gates will close by 4:30 pm. They charge a nominal fee of about Rs. 20/-. If you are in Kasargod, this is a great place to spend time. Go solo, or with your friends who love the large span of green forests. Apart from Sanctuary, you can also plan to trip to visit other places in Kasargod like Ranipuram, Nileshwar, and Cheruvathur. You can reach by rail, and drop at the Kasargod station from any part of Kerala and India. If you come by air, it is best at the Bajpe airport and then you can enjoy a road drive to Kasargod for sure.

Kumarakom Beach

Talk about serenity-filled beaches and the Kumarakom Beach in Kerala falls fits the right slot here. For this summer vacation in Kerala, you ought to try adventure sports in Kumarakom Beach. They have guides who help you enjoy various sports activities water surfing, parasailing, simple boating, and windsurfing activities. For the ones who love volleyball, water skiing, and water polo, you can be sure to find company at the beach. Plus, don't miss the delicacies that are served in the nearby beach shacks and enjoy the traditional Kerala-style snacks and various food platters.

Ananthapura Lake Temple

For the ones who love traveling back into Hindu Kerala culture, tradition, and architecture, the Ananthapura Lake Temple is a must-visit tourist destination in Kasargod. It is fairly quiet and you can trace back into history with this visit. To reach the place by rail, you can reach the Kasargod rails and then travel about 14 kilometers by road. Or else, you need to pick a flight from your place to Mangalore airport and then drive about 56kms to the place. If you are from Kerala, drop down at Kannur Airport, and then drive about 125 km to reach the temple premises. Get rejuvenated in the place and also speak to people to know about the history behind the place. The place is known as the only temple with a huge spring water-based lake in the center and its ambiance is relaxing.

 Fishing Harbour

This harbor is a wonderful place that reminds us of the old-age business trends that existed in Kerala. Most of the foreign transactions were established by this harbor and today, this spot is worth all the attention it gets. Vizhinjam is a tiny village in Kerala that is sometimes called the Emperor of the Arabian Sea and we love the port structure on the whole. The place is home to generating power for certain locations in Kerala from the power of sea waves. Focussed on being eco-friendly and has been a hotspot for tourists who visit Kovalam.

Mundakayam Ghat

Nestled in Vagamon, these ghats or hilly stations can be seen just about 8 km away from Vagamon town. Step away from city living, and gadget stress and see the beauty of the Mudakayam Ghats. It is perfect for lovers of great scenery and camera-capture moments. Mostly, people are allowed to visit the place for about 2 hours and will have to leave the place by early sunset. You can try paragliding in the location and even go for quiet nature walks in the Ghats. Once you reach Vagamon or any nearby location, the Ghats are easily reachable via roadways. Moreover, take advantage of excellent public transport and car rental services to explore the scenic beauty of the area.

Vagamon Pine Forests

If no kids are on your trip, we love to suggest a trip to Kerala this travel season to the romantic Vagamon Pine Forests and explore the lush greenery at your own pace. The place is relatively very cool, making it a great option to visit during the humid summers in Kerala. You can explore the place between 8:30 am and 6:30 pm on any day and they have very nominal fees between Rs 5/- Rs.10/-. The place can be reached by road and even air and railways from across the country. Enjoy the Breezy rides and the simple food of the place.

Well, have you planned your trip to Kerala this time? Of course, there are so many tourist locations in Kerala to explore, however, we have shown the high-range areas so that you can get out in the sunlight and still enjoy the winds without getting drained out in the humidity. Kerala is a state that protects wildlife and promotes a lot of eco-tourism. Enjoy your stay in earthen huts, and resorts that set back in the forest ambiance. If you have a couple of holidays for Holi, book a week’s vacation to Kerala this time. Make sure you record these moments, as they are one of a kind. With the amount of diversity in each place, each location is totally great for your Instagram feeds. Happy Travelling!


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