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Prashar Lake Trek: Unmissable Hike Trail from Mandi to Prashar Lake

For the offbeat adventure lovers, we have something great for you! With Funday Holidays, you can explore the raw beauty that the Prashar Lake Trek has to offer the world. It is totally perfect for those who love to enjoy a weekend getaway from Delhi to Prashar. If you are craving to lose your mind, and give some peace to your soul, come along as we tread for this wonderful Prashar Lake Trek.

A point to note is that the Prashar Lake weather is awesome, and will fit the bill for short relaxing tourist trekking options in India. Have a quick ride from Delhi, get down at the Prashar Lake, join our adventure crazy group, and explore the place. With Funday Holidays, you get to spend valuable time exploring the Prashar temple, trek upon the hilly terrains near the temple and get soaked in this serene Prashar Lake.

Speaking about the lake, it is situated at a height of about 2750 feet. If you are traveling to Mandi, then this stopover is great as it is just 50 kilometers from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. Tourists have loved the scenic luxury this tourist destination offers, as the lake is right in the middle of many majestic mountains. This destination is epic, and you would surely skip a beat. Next, we were awed by the crystal clear lake that reflects the blue sky, green meadows that carpet the valley so delicately. The lake is surrounded by the Dhauladhar range. The specialty of the Prashar lake trekking experience is that you will have a full view of the Pir Panjal and Kinnaur mountain ranges apart from the Dhauladhar range.

Alongside, don't miss the floating island that is part of the lake and as per the locals, the depth of this divine lake is not known. These are noteworthy travel moments for every person who places adventure in their heart.
Many people ask, What is the best to visit, Himachal Pradesh, Mandi and of course the Prashar Lake? From our experience, we value enjoyment and safety a lot, and hence it is most advisable to enjoy the area between April to May. Avoid the monsoons in India, as the roads are slippery, the adventure hikes would be risky. The best time to visit this place is between December to February, when the climate is steady and will be pleasant during the climb.
Another fascinating spot of the lake is the historic temple that has been styled in the shape of the classic Pagoda. Its architectural mastery is undeniably admirable. The Prashar Lake Temple was built as an act of devotion to Rishi Prashar in the 14th century. Mythological references reveal that he was known to be the patron Divine power of the Mandi area. It took almost 12 whole years to build this magnificent beauty out of a huge deodar tree.

Get enticed by the temple carvings as they represent a magical era of the past where humble values and love were given importance in the best possible way. Fall in love with the charming trails and the soothing view lent by the Himalayas. Some of the other places to be added to your travel list are the Bijli Mahadev Temple, Lord Ramchandra Temple, and Kulant Pith. They offer the same serenity, but there is something a tad bit mystical about the glorious Prashar lake weather, that makes the Prashar Lake Temple so alluring.

Get ready to be loved and pampered by the local people, enjoy the lush forests and some delicacies that are purely Mandi's own culture and not even on the Google search lists! So, with us, you get the real feel of culture in the traditional manner.

Duration : 2 Days , 1 Nights
Destinations : Shimla,  Kullu,  Manali
Includes : Accommodation, Breakfast, Sightseeing
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    1.  Arrival at Mandi and off to the Prashar Lake Trek

    We welcome you at Mandi and as planned will head straight to the booked hotel. You will get enough time to freshen up, have some breakfast, before moving for the fantastic ride to Jwalapur. From here, hold your spirits high, as we are taking you to the famous Prashar Lake trek. As you pass the lush forests, the tiny streams, and the meadows, enjoy the landscapes, the fresh scent of flowers, and the simple chatter of the locals.

    For those who love a touch of freezing water, dip your feet in the water streams, and move on until the lake area has been reached. This means crossing the gurgle of the water streams and making your way to the campsite set up at the banks and nearby places at Prashar Lake. Spend time around the bonfires in the evening with your campmates and enjoy a lovely dinner with the entire trekking group.

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    2.  Back to Mandi

    The two-day will come to an end on this day. After packing up, and having breakfast, you will get a chance to visit the nearby places in the village and also the smaller temples in the area. We will be with you on a guided tour so that you can see the countryside beauty of the place.

    Once done, your trip back to Mandi will be arranged, and from there on, you can continue your onward journey.


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