Together with its sister town Kullu, Manali is one of the best, if not the best, hill stations in India. Nestled between the mountain ranges of the Himalayas, the town attracts tourists with its spectacular beauty and thrilling adventure activities.  Tall oak, deodar, and other coniferous trees adorn the slopes. Apple, plum, and pear orchards that are usually found in the European landscape grow abundantly here.  The comfortable weather of Manali is another factor that lures travelers. Hence people from all parts of the world love to visit this tourist spot.

Manali is a destination that receives tourists almost all year-round. The winter brings with it the beautiful view of snowfall. The landscape becomes covered with glistening snow and nature assumes an air of purity. Many activities like skiing, snowboarding, and so on are arranged to welcome tourists during the season. The summer brings with the breathtaking colors that convert the place into a paradise. The greenery which fills the valley and the snow-clad peaks in the background adds to the picturesque beauty of the place. The most difficult part of the tour to Manali is choosing the season as whichever one you choose, you cannot stop thinking of the one that you have missed.

Manali owes to the ancient king Manu for its name. The legendary sage is believed to be the author of Manusmrithi – the legal text of the Hindu religion. The story says that after the flood that destroyed the whole of humanity except Manu, he took refuge in Manali.  Stepping off from his ark, the sage king propagated the human race from this place. To this day there are many places in the tourist spot associated with the legend.

With the advent of the British colonizers, the land slowly started developing into a recreational place. The cool climate may have attracted the Europeans here. They planted apple, plum, and pear which grew abundantly in the favorable climate. These orchards added to the scenic beauty of the Manali. The Beas river, natural park, waterfall, shrines, and Himalayan peaks in the backdrop combined with the comfortable climate makes the hill station ideal for tourism. The place also offers many adventure activities like skiing, snowboarding, trekking, river rafting, river crossing, and so on.

The major attractions in Manali are given below.