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Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek: Why do Adventure Junkies love these mountains?

If you are an adventure junkie, the sights and feel of trekking through mountains will bring thrilling chills, right? Yup, at Funday Holidays, focus on giving you a medley of awe-inspiring sights and experiences of various landscapes in and around Himachal Pradesh. This is why we feel if you need to have a complete trekking memory – then this should be a 6 day trip for sure! This dreamy state of India is blessed with lush forests, green landscapes, icy topped mountains that form the ambiance for experiencing some of the best trekking trails in the world. One such experience is the Deo Tibba Trek giving nature lovers a glimpse of easy to quite strenuous 75 kilometers long trek trails.

The Deo Tibba Trekking trail is alternatively named the Chota Chandratal Trek by locals. If you are traveling to and fro Manali, this is one must-visit place. Some of the most prominent places that have skipped a beat are the mystical Indrasan peaks. Then the Deo Tibba and the Jagatsukh free-flowing glaciers are certainly not to be forgotten.

Deo Tibba base camp trek is a steady ascent that goes to an altitude of about 14,698 ft. We advise that the surrounding places in Himachal Pradesh can be best enjoyed between the months of May to October every year. As far as the trek is concerned, it is enjoyable with less risk involved. This is because you won't be walking uphill to touch a pointed summit, but rather it would be a dome-shaped top. That is easier to handle even if you are a trekking newbie. Don't forget to take those Instagram- worthy pictures, as experiences are meant to be shared.

The trail will pass through Himachal Pradesh and you will get the opportunity to experience the magnetic vibrancy that the local culture, love, and warmth exuded by the people.

Just a tip from our side, in case you have not been on trekking trails very often, it would be great to work out and toughen up your limb muscles as a lot of endurance is involved as you go uphill. The trail commences with a walk through the dreamy Jagatsukh village, and this is nearest to Manali. You will enjoy the natural transition as you walk and move from steady grounds, the dense forests that are stuffed with majestic Birch trees. Moving on, get soaked in the beauty of the glaciers and plain meadows laden with wildflowers, cattle, and plants. Plus, you should have a dip in the clean waterfall bodies and lakes that refresh you from deep within. You will get to enjoy all the minute positive vibes of the Himalayas, right from the start of the walk. With sunshine brightening your day, a cool breeze to lift your moods, and the love that the locals share- you couldn't possibly stop admiring this heavenly place.

Duration : 6 Days , 5 Nights
Destinations : Kullu,  Manali,  Shimla
Includes : Accommodation, Breakfast, Sightseeing
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Itinerary customization is available.

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    1.  Warm Welcome and Arrival at Manali

    Choose any mode of travel that is comfortable for you and arrive at Manali. Once you reach the Valley of Gods –Manali, we assure you that this trip will be promising, as you walk through one of the most popular hill stations in India.

    In fact, if you are arriving via the Kullu route, then it can be easily reached without my hitches during travel. You need to be aware of the weather so that you can organize your clothing and other accessories accordingly. People tend to face acute levels of Mountain sickness due to heights, and cold, so ensure that your medical kit is loaded for the whole journey.

    Enjoy a simple lunch arranged by the team and swing into adventure mode as the trek starts at a slow pace. We would give you an orientation session that would brief you on the terrains you would come across and how to cope with the weather as you went uphill. You will be given tips on how to cope with trekking and mountain sickness by our instructors. Once done, feel free to roam in the countryside and then get a good night's rest at the lodging arranged at Manali.

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    2.  The drive from Manali to Chikka

    The next day, once breakfast has been done, you are in for a pleasant drive from the Manali town to the Jagatsukh Dam. This is of course the starting point of the Deo Tibba base camp trekking experience. With a journey of about 4 hours of steep yet gradual ascent, you will reach Chikka camp base. Take your time to venture out, click photographs, and admire the scenic elegance that nature has to offer here. Once done, you can get back to the camp and rest there for the night.

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    3.  The awesome trek from Chika to Seri

    On the third day, get ready to shed a few extra calories and sweat it out, as the real Deo Tibba trekking commences today. Right after breakfast, you will be able to enjoy and explore the lush forests en route. This will lead straight to the Seri – a wonderful place to visit in Himachal Pradesh. It is just about 32 kilometers from the Kullu Manali Airport. Enjoy the untouched clear waterfalls, lakes, and small meadows in and around Seri. The lakes are glaciated and they are perfect when small sunlight rays hit the ice. Once you spend time, by early dusk you can return to the lodging arranged at Seri.

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    4.  Moving from Seri to the glorious Deo Tibba Base Camp and then back to Seri

    After a refreshing rest, the day will start off to the dream trek destination in India and that is none other than Mount Deo Tibba. You waited for it and finally on the fourth day, you will be standing at its base. So, heads up, as we are going in for a few exciting steep ascent climbing sessions and slosh in the freezing cool river waters. You can take a break at the tents provided on the way for trekkers. Once ready, start off again and within 4 hours, you will finally reach the Deo Tibba Base Camp.

    Trust us, the view is fantastic and nothing beats firsthand experience. The view from the view will keep you wrapped in its untouched beauty. Well, even if you won’t see the overhyped visuals of Switzerland, this is a simple, and humble trekking experience. Here is your chance to climb, and view the whole area from the Indrasan Peak and also the Deo Tibba Peak.

    Once that has been done, it will be time to descend and give those limbs a well-deserved rest. Sleep well at the hotel arranged for you.

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    5.  Trek from Seri to Jagatsukh to Manali

    On Day 5, have a great local breakfast at the hotel, and then the descent will start off until you reach the next stop – Jagatsukh. From there, carry your special packed lunch and move on this thrilling trek. We will have a vehicle to pick us from the Jagatsukh Dam and yes, you get to enjoy the breezy ride right up to Manali.

    By early dusk, check into the hotel and stay overnight at Manali. If you arrive early, you can indulge in some walks around the park, purchase souvenirs, try out local delicacies and then return to the hotel.

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    6.  Final Departure

    On Day 6, you will have to pack up as the trip will come to a close. Have breakfast, and then we will arrange for the transport. You can go ahead for your onward journey and accordingly we will be assisting you. Hope this brings in a lot of memorable trek experiences, great friends and this is surely a trip that you can try- just to admire how beautiful such places can be.


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