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Kheerganga Trekking: Uncovering the Mystic Trek Stories in the Himalayasa

Planning to turn on your adventure vibes? Of course, there are so many wonderful places to trek, and explore around the world and one among them is the immaculate trekking sights that one can visit in India – Kheerganga. Join in, to know how this gorgeous tourist destination in the Himalayas has left a sweet spot in our minds.

The famous Kheerganga Trek, pronounced as Khir Ganga trek in the local dialect is located in the Parvati Valley and has been listed as one of the mesmerizing trekking destinations in North India, specifically treks in Himachal Pradesh.

Funday Holidays executes treks in the Himalayas so that it brings forward a lot of memorable moments for our tourists. The location is 2950 m above ground level and will definitely level up your travel goals in India. To add to its mythological touch, this trek in the Himalayas rewinds into the abode of Lord Shiva.

For those who are planning to Kasoi, this stopover cannot be missed. Often regarded as the paradise of Himachal Pradesh and situated deep within Parvati Valley. With Funday Holidays, such as Himalayan treks are arranged to give travelers a one-of-a-kind trekking experience. Enjoy the hot water springs, rejuvenate your senses as you trek through the local orchards and lush forests that stand tall in the shimmering snow-laden grounds.

If you are a seasoned trekker, make sure to enjoy a thrilling experience at the Pin Parvati Pass also. This divine trekking hotspot can be spotted en route to the humble Buddhist community villages. While traveling to the Himalayan mountainous areas of Spiti in the Parvati valley, the untouched flora and fauna will zap you in its beauty for a minute.

As far as the weather is concerned, every season is a visual and mental happiness overload for the traveler. It goes without saying the winters leave you smitten with the natural beauty. The snow-laden mountains, the frozen shimmery streams are perfect to unwind your adventurous skiing nerves.

The best time to trek in the KheerGanga Trek is frankly all year round. You get to experience super cool temperatures that wind up to almost 45 degrees in summers and in winters can hit negative numbers! That's not all, as once travelers step into the Tosh Trek, this location is loaded with marijuana-like scents, giving trekkers a peaceful vibe throughout the journey. Apart from this, set your foot into Malala, Manikarn Gurudwara, and also the Sar Pass Trek. Try out the local stores, gift your loved one with souvenirs, and the local cuisine is simple, wholesome and a reflection of home-cooked comfort food.

If you are a beginner in trekking in the Himalayas, this is a great place to start, as the route is smooth, the terrain is uncomplicated, and easy to have a grip upon quickly. Spend one to two days to have a glimpse of all the areas of these trekking mountains in India to explore the raw beauty, local cultures, desi food, and wonderful communities living in this humble place.

Duration : 2 Days , 1 Nights
Destinations : Shimla,  Kullu
Includes : Accommodation, Breakfast, Sightseeing
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    Once you embark at Barshaini, you will be escorted by our representative from Funday Holidays. Get ready to enjoy a beautiful trek to Kheerganga from here on. The trek consists of about 12 kilometers and may take about 5-6 hours of Himalayan trekking in the Parvati Valley.

    Initially, trekkers can enjoy a steady and stable incline walk, and as you move upwards, make sure to witness and snap the snowy sights. Along the trekking pathways, it has been lined with apple orchards that are a refreshing sight for those from city life.

    Enjoy cool winds, icy terrains, and toxic-free village life beside these trekking areas. You will be able to walk in the midst of sweet scenting Oak trees and lofty Deodar trees. Take a break if you like; listen to the chirps and gentle water roar that continuously comes from the majestic Parvati River.
    This river can be easily seen from Barshaini. Once you reach the camp that has been prepared for you at Kheerganga, enjoy a relaxing time, mingle with the locals, and know the history and beauty of the place.

    Have a splash at the nearby hot springs and finally feast upon the warm meals specially prepared at the camp for the tourists.

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    On the second day, the return trek to Barshaini will start from the Parvati Valley after breakfast. Take your time out to try out the local stores, gift your loved one with souvenirs and the local cuisine is simple, wholesome and a reflection of the home cooked comfort food.

    The route back will allow you to see the charming beauty of two simple towns named Nakthan and Rudra Nag and are great stopovers, in case you want to take a break and chill out to learn the local culture better.

    That would end the journey at the Parvati Valley and we love to have been part of your memorable travel journey. We will help you get back safely after the Pin Parvati trekking.

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