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Hampta Pass Treks: A Paradisiacal Crossover via the beautiful Himalayas

Perched at a height of approximately 14039 feet above ground level, the Hampta Trek is situated on the Pir Panjal Range in the midst of the heavenly Himalayas. While planning a travel trip from Manali to Hampta Pass Trekking session, make sure you take count of all the places you would like to set foot on and enjoy over this five-day trip. At Funday Holidays, we have crafted a travel itinerary that will include all the beautiful must-visit places in Himachal Pradesh, and definitely, Hampta Pass stands on top of the list.

To give you an idea of this terrain, let us tell you- the experience is dramatic and dreamy to the core. At one end enjoy the Kullu valley that is laden with greenery, flowers, and a plethora of wildlife that bring in so much positivity in the trip. On the contrary, if you step into the Lahaul lands, it is barren, dry and this contrast of landscapes keeps travelers intrigued for years.

History reveals that the famous Hampta Pass (which you can visit on your trip from Manali) was adorned by a saint named Hampta Maharishi. This divine place was said to be his meditation venue, as it set off a lot of tranquil vibes. On dissecting Hindu mythology, in specific The Mahabharata, this Pass was the normal trek pathway for the Pandavas when they were moving towards heaven. In some mythological stores, this route has been artistically renamed as the ‘staircase to heaven.

Looking back at the lifestyle and culture of the place, this is home to a lot of farmers who breed livestock. Since the Hampta pass temperature is relatively on the colder and dry side of life, shepherds use the pathway to feed their livestock in all places where greenery exists. Naturally, as Lahaul is barren and piled up with snow, the only source of vegetation is the Kullu Valley.

Once travelers reach this destination, they are often left baffled by the serene landscapes, free grounds where life is humble and people exist with humble routines in life. You can walk through green pastures, witness the snow-capped mountains in the backdrop, and listen to the slush of the rivers and small streams that flow along with these landscapes.

Tourists have considered this small corridor as the Valley of Flowers due to the color, life, energy it lends to the people. Those who love to get away from city pressures can always calm their minds and souls with an immense source of peace that emanates from this location. More than hard-core adventure, the feel of nature in its rawest form is what you get here.

Our trekking journey will commence at the Manali Base Camp and also end at the same place. You will enjoy a moderate level of trekking experience and will have guides to help you out through the process. If you would like to come, we suggest one of the best times to visit Hampta Pass Trek is between June to September.

Duration : 5 Days , 4 Nights
Destinations : Shimla,  Kullu,  Manali
Includes : Accommodation, Breakfast, Sightseeing
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Itinerary customization is available.

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    1.  Drive from Manali to Jobra & Cheka

    The journey will commence right from Manali early morning and our guide will detail out the sequence of the route. Manali is about 6726 feet above ground level and you will be traveling on an upward scale to Jobra which is about 9379 feet. From there, it will move ahead to Chika which is about 10,100 feet above ground level.

    We will start off with a drive to Jobra – which is a smooth two-hour drive. The ride will continue to Chika, where you can stop at a camp set at Chika. Then, the trek will start off for the next 2 kilometers from the banks of Rani Nallah. As you move upwards, enjoy the scenery on all sides like the birch, pine, and green maple trees.

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    2.  Trek from Chika to Balu Ka Ghera

    On the second day, we can walk around the campsite. The camp is surrounded by many tiny streams of freshwaters and these collectively finally join in to develop into the refreshing Rani nallah stream. Look around, and you will notice how the high cliffs around the camp hover on three sides and protect the area. You will be going across one of these cliffs for the trek in the coming days.

    Looking at the fourth corner of the campsite, you will notice the majestic Bandarpunch peak which belongs to the Dhauladhar Range. From here on, you will be welcomed by a series of terrains that will make the trip extra energetic.

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    3.  Balu Ka Ghera to Shea Goru through the Hampta Pass Trek

    One you will be trekking on the last phase of ascent to the Hampta Pass. Just a reminder, once you reach the Shea Goru, the challenges are all the more exciting. Just to give a topographical comparison, while you climbed up the Balu Ka Ghera, it was about 12, 411 feet above ground level and the Shea Goru will be 12,864 feet, so the amount of excitement, energy, and experience will be all the better.

    If you are experienced, this will be a pretty fun walk, but if there are inexperienced people, we advise that you continue walking steadily without getting exhausted. Take it calmly and enjoy the view around you. Sip water, do not get dehydrated, and also munch on dry fruits as you move along the ascent.

    When you descend, mild breaks are advised, as those who sit for a complete break, may find it difficult to get back a grip of their energy. So, just lean back on your walking poles for a couple of minutes, if you really must take a break during the descent. This will reduce the chances of a slip and fall while moving down.

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    4.  Day 4

    Once you get a grip of the descent journey that starts at Shea Goru, it will be fine and enjoyable. Get your chance to walk past the tiny rivers and streams in the valley. Within an hour, trekkers typically reach the Chhatru road route and that will be your first view of how the other side of the pace looks. We are talking about the barren, yet serene and beautiful landscape dotted with shrubs – and yes that is how Lahaul will look at any time of the year.

    The closer you get to the road route; the descent may look confusing, but keep in mind that you have to cross the cliff edges with care. The easiest route is that once you complete the rocky terrains of cliffs and then step into the glacier beds, the walk is done right. If you notice during the descent, there will be the presence of gigantic glacial cubes of icy rocks that flow from the mountains and make their way into the Chandra River. If you need to reach your campsite, it will be necessary to get past these glaciers and, yes this means one relaxing walk through water. Hey, that is the beauty of adventure!

    Once you have reached Chhatru, hop into the vehicles arranged for you. This will take you to Chandralal. Spend some time at the lovely Chandrataal Lake, before getting back to the camp set up at Chhatru. This route is mostly good enough to travel, but note that sometimes if the glacier snowfall comes or landslides occur, this route may get blocked. So, we are sure that you will be transported to the campsite safely with our guide, whatever be the situation.

    Once you reach the camps, unwind and enjoy the evening in the tents.

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    5.  Drive to Chhatru and to Manali via the Rohtang Pass

    The last day of the Five-day trip and once you have had a great breakfast the camp at Chhatru. Then, get into the transportation facility arranged for trekkers. You will be traveling back to Manali, which is about a 6-hour road drive. A small tea break will be included in the total package and once you have reached Manali, you can continue your journey as planned.

    Hope this trekking experience brings in wonderful memories and keeps in touch with our team and also plenty of lovely trekkers who would have shared the same adventure instincts as you had. Keep safe and see you soon.


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I am Honestly saying that You Guys Are Amazing, Funday Holidyas. We Enjoyed Our Shimla, Kullu, Manali Trip Very Much

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