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To start this trek, you will start the journey right from Kasol. That wonderful place is situated in a small local village named Kullu and found in the state of Himachal Pradesh. For those who like really hardcore hikes, hilly trek sessions, this humble place is a great venue. That is why many global tourists come in search of divine peace and natural beauty during the famous Kheerganga Trek.

We mentioned divine peace because the mythological gurus have stated long back that these hilly terrains were one of the favorite spots of Lord Shiva, making it known as His Abode.  So, if you ready to backpack the essentials, and set your eyes on something exquisite, then Funday holidays can show you natural beauty much beyond your imagination.

One of the best times to travel to such places would be spring or the summer season. Though cold, a hint of sunlight would add some much-needed comfort to the sightseeing and trekking session. For this, the peak tourist sessions are from March to June and will wind up right before the monsoons hit India.

The entire trek is a haven for the trekker as you get to set your feet on the Kheerganga trek which is the starting point and that is beside a lovely dam constructed over the Himalayan River Parvati in Barshaini. Don't miss pampering your eyes as you enjoy the mystical sights of the gorgeous Rudra Nag Waterfall. These places are must visit in case if you are a pilgrim or one who loves to free away from the toxic, technological buzz around your life.

Duration : 2 Days , 1 Nights
Destinations : Kullu,  
Includes : Transfers, Accommodation, Breakfast
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    Once you reach Barshaini, you will be guided and escorted by our trained executive. From here, you will start the 12 km long trek to Kheerganga.

    The estimated time to cover this trek is approximately about 5-6 hours. The beginning of the trek wills start off with a gentle inclination upwards, and if you note the path lined with beautiful apple orchards. As the trek progresses, massive Deodars and oaks also become a common sight.

    You can hear the constant roar of the river Parvati flowing nearby, easily visible from Barshaini. Upon reaching, you can relax for a while at the camp set up at Kheerganga. You can enjoy hot spring water. Enjoy your meal at the camp and wind up for the day.

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    The next day, right after breakfast, you will start your trek back to Barshaini, and that will trail right in the Parvati Valley. Don't miss to take snaps and talk with local communities and explore this charming little town. On the way back from Kheerganga, you will come across the towns of Nakthan and Rudra Nag.

    These scenic villages are ideal for pit breaks along the way. Since this is a long trek, it is advisable that you purchase additional supplies during this sightseeing trip. This is the end of this journey. After this, you are free to explore nearby places like Tosh village and go sightseeing and shopping for souvenirs in the town. That will bring the trip to a stop and you can head back home via the airport, road, or nearby railway stations.

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It is a wonderful place. The trek is also not so difficult, it’s easy to moderate. you can do it without any problems .you must go to the hot spring and chill with friends & family. Pleasant weather also. I am very happy and enjoy this trek.

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