Thailand is a beautiful country located in the Indochinese peninsula. In the past decade, the country has developed into a busy tourist location. Its steady growth from a nation ridden with many political coups and unstable governance to a powerful economy in Southeast Asia is inexplicable. The historic monuments proclaiming the opulent past, Buddhist temples with priceless statues and exotic sandy beaches lined with palm trees make the country a paradise for tourists. Thai government understood the possibilities of tourism and created a tourist-friendly atmosphere. The great increase in the flow of tourists to the land testifies to the effectiveness of the reforms.

If you are planning on an international trip at a low budget, Thailand is the best destination for you. There are a great many resorts, activities, and sights in the country which are available at a lower cost compared to other tourist destinations in the world. Moreover, certain attractions can only be seen in Thailand like the floating market, Phanom Rung temple, and Khao Sok National Park. You can relax on the beaches, take a trek in the thick jungle and party all night in this land of possibilities.

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The Complete Thailand Package Tour

Thailand - The Land of Sandy Beaches

Thailand or officially the Kingdom of Thailand is the 50th largest country in the world. Historically, the native people of the land are descendants of the Chinese who migrated to the country in the 11th century and came to be known as the Siamese. Many like the Khmer, Malay, and Mon kingdoms ruled the region. Ayutthaya, which became one of the most powerful kingdoms in the16th and the 17th century, has built palaces, temples and other monuments which showcase the architectural brilliance of the Siamese people. These relics are now popular tourist attractions in Thailand.

The land is also renowned for its natural beauty. The pristine beaches with fine white sand, wildlife reserves with a thick growth of vegetation, and the refreshing atmosphere of the hilltops lure tourists from around the world. Many activities are centered around the beach to entertain the visitors. Adventure activities like trekking, rock climbing, wildlife safari, and so on can also be enjoyed in Thailand. Those who party hard will find the pubs and nightlife of the cosmopolitan city of Bangkok satisfying.

Best Time To Visit Thailand

There are climatic differences between various coasts of Thailand. Though officially the monsoon falls between July and October, the country receives intermittent rain throughout the year. As it is a hot country, it is better to plan the visit in winter. Hence the best time to visit Thailand will be from November to February.