Singapore has developed into a financial and shipping hub and has achieved opulence in almost all sectors. It has a diverse citizenry comprising people from different races, religions, and cultures. There are descendants of the Chinese, Indian settlers and indigenous Malays in the region. The country boasts of its high GDP per capita, which is the 7th highest in the world. It also holds 9th rank in the UN Human Development Index. Singapore has the lowest corruption rate in Asia and a high life expectancy rate, education, healthcare, life quality, and housing.

Singapore has grown into one of the most visited countries on the planet within the last few decades. The dedicated government that did the right investment in the tourism sector made this possible. The place has hit the right balance between conserving nature and developing the country. Hence the tourism industry thrived. The attractions in Singapore are diverse and vivid and portray natural beauty, historical monuments, cultural diversity and modern facilities of the country.

Things to do in Singapore are: