8 souvenirs to take home from Singapore

Singapore, the most loved world tour destination is visited by over 18.5 million international tourists every year.  A major income of the country is a tourism and the beauty of the place is beyond words. It is a well-known fact that the city is the 5th most visited country in the world. Every vacationer who visits this place takes something exciting, "Souvenir" with them when they return to their hometown. The meaning of the French word Souvenir is a remembrance or memory. It can be a token, memento, or anything else that be collected as a remembrance of the trip. Every tourist collects souvenirs to give to their beloved ones or to keep with themselves.  Singapore is known for many beautiful souvenirs that remind us of the good days spent in the city. Here is a list of souvenirs that one can pick to gift to their beloved ones or themselves!

Take a look.

Kaya Jam

Kaya Jam singapore

Kaya Jam is the most amazing souvenir in Singapore. This jam is made of coconut milk and eggs. This delicacy is a must to enjoy when in Singapore. This gift will be cherished among your family and friends. These jars can be taken from any of the Supermarkets in Singapore.

Merlion Souvenirs

Merlion Souvenirs singapore

The well-known souvenirs of Singapore are Merlion. It is a man-made creature; half lion and half mermaid. The lion head denotes the real name of this city, which is Singapura. The other half, mermaid represents the history of Singapore as a fishing village. You will get different souvenirs with this beautiful icon imprinted on keychains, t-shirts, ashtrays, refrigerator magnet, and more.


Perfumes singapore

The national flower of Singapore is the Orchid. The aromatic perfumes made in Orchid are enchanting. They are the best souvenirs to gift your dear ones when returning from Singapore.


TWG Tea singapore

If your beloved one is a tea lover, then gift them with TWG Tea. It is a local tea brand that is renowned all over the world. The brand sells over 800 types of tea and each of them is amazing. You can pick a flavor of your choice to give to your loved one!

Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling is a refreshing drink made of gin, pineapple juice, orange juice, lime juice, and cherry brandy. This cocktail can be made by anyone but buying it from where it originated is going to be terrific! This bottle as a gift will be celebrated grandly!

Tiger Balms

Tiger Balms

Tiger balm is a thoughtful souvenir to bring home. It is a well-known home remedy for pains and aches. This herbal ointment is highly effective. Singapore is known for tiger balms and that is going to be a perfect gift for anyone you love!

Pandan Cake

pandan cake singapore

Pandan Cake is an iconic snack in Singapore. Celebrated as the national cake of Singapore, the best cakes are available at Bengawan Solo or Prima Deli. A foodie in your dear-ones is going to love this item!


Kebaya singapore

Kebaya is a traditional Indonesian dress made of Chinese Silk. It is a wonderful gift as it reminds of the culture and tradition of the city. Kebaya will make a wonderful souvenir to cherish!

Salted Egg Fish Skin

salted egg fish skin singapore

Salted eggs, especially, the salted egg fish skin are a great snack of Singapore. On your return, you can buy them in large quantities and gift your dear ones. This authentic local dish is something special you can take with you to celebrate your homecoming!

A Singapore vacation is going to be a perfect holiday to cherish. The moments should be celebrated and memories should be created, you can take some beautiful items for remembrance too! For a hassle-free holiday in Singapore, check our World Tour Packages!


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