10 Most Instagrammable Cafes In Darjeeling

Instagrammable Cafes In Darjeeling

Darjeeling, with its hilly terrain, snow-capped mountains, and cool climate, has mesmerized travelers for a long time. It tops the list of tourist destinations in India and is a favorite spot for bikers and backpackers. The riveting view of the snow-capped Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain, is the famous attraction of the place. Photographers from far and wide come to the hill station to capture the panoramic beauty of Darjeeling.

The land is also famous for its tea plantations. The cultivation forms a green blanket that covers the hill slopes. The favorable climate gives a unique flavor to the tea. Hence Darjeeling tea tops the list of best brands available in India, if not the world.

In Darjeeling, you will find some heritage tea shops and cafes that serve authentic Darjeeling tea. If you are traveling to the place for the first time, or if you are ignorant of the famous cafes in the region, here is the list of the famous eateries where you can get replenished. More importantly, for a social media freak, they are the most Instagramable locations in the whole of Darjeeling.

Keventers Café

keventers cafe darjeeling

One of the oldest eateries in Darjeeling, Kaventer’s café started in 1911. Founded by Edward Kaventer, it was, and is still, the best place where you can get authentic English breakfast. Tourists are enchanted by the view of the majestic mountain ranges from the open terrace. If you are on a tour in India and are visiting Darjeeling, this is a great place to dine. You can relish your breakfast and a cup of tea, imbibing the rivetting view. Don’t forget to snap a selfie and post it on Instagram.

Glenary’s Bakery and Café

Glenarys Bakery and CafeAnother famous hotel that dates back to the colonial era is the Glenary’s Café. Located in the heart of the town, the white-painted two-storied building is a prominent landmark. Many road-trippers on their India tour take a stopover here to enjoy the pies and brownies from the café. To relish the trademark pastries of the place while enjoying the magnificent view from the point is calming. You can post a photo in front of the café whose façade is reminiscent of its colonial past.

Gatty’s café

Gatty’s is a rustic-chic café that is famous for its ambiance, created live music and karaoke. As it is one of the few eateries opened after 9 PM, Gatty’s receives many bikers and night owls. They testify to the relaxation and fun they have in the dim lights and cushioned couches at Gatty’s. Many on their India travel make it a pit stop in Darjeeling.

Hot Stimulating Café

Located on Hooker road, the place is as famous as its name is curious. The café is renowned for its delicious momos. It goes best with the masala tea served in the Hot stimulating café. The place has a unique aura that is accentuated by the Bob Marley pictures adorning the walls. If you are visiting Darjeeling, which you most probably will on your India tour, make sure to visit this small café and relish the momos here.


KungaFor those who want to try out the local delicacies of the land, Kunga’s is the best place. The small café with Tibetan scrolls covering the wooden walls has the appearance of a traditional coffee shop in Tibet. Many dishes from the neighboring country are available here, yet nothing beats the taste of the steamed momos and soups. The fame of these delicacies allures many tourists to the Kunga’s café. Take a click from the restaurant and post it on your Instagram and see the likes pouring in.

Sonam’s kitchen

Sonams kitchenA famous breakfast point in Darjeeling, Sonam’s Kitchen is another heritage café. Located in Zakir Hussain road, the eatery attracts many on their visit to the hill station. It is famous for its porridge, pancakes and brown bread sandwiches. Dinner specials include different types of soups and pasta. The coffee here is also famous. Many, on their India tour, visit the place just to enjoy the taste of strong coffee.

Himalayan Java Café

Himalayan Java Cafe darjeelingThough the Himalayan Java is a new addition to the region, its ambiance and tasty dishes attract tourists. Overlooking the Nehru road, the place provides a great view of Darjeeling. Tourists love to at once relish an English breakfast and take in the mesmerizing view from the café. This makes it one of a kind in the land.

Shangri-La Restaurant

Shangri La RestaurantIf you love to try out different dishes like Chinese, Tibetan, and Indian, Shangri-La is the best place to be. Located in a heritage building, the hotel serves good quality food. The restaurant also has a nice bar. It is quite relaxing to enjoy a drink and imbibe the beautiful view from the first floor of the building.

Nathmull’s tea and sunset lounge

Nathmull’s boasts the authentic Darjeeling tea served in the region. The view from the point is enthralling, especially the sunset. The mountain ranges assume a golden hue, which slowly turns red as the sun dips in the West. Sipping a cup of tea, you can enjoy the mesmerizing view from the sunset lounge in the café. This makes the café quite famous among travelers on their India tour.


With the legendary musical band Beatles forming the theme, the café is the perfect place for music lovers. The place plays some of the best rock and pop music throughout. Another factor that allures tourists is the exquisite Naga cuisine in the restaurant. Hence the bikers and backpackers who travel around India make this place their stopover.

So these are the ten famous restaurants in the Darjeeling area. Don’t forget to include them also in your itinerary and relish the unique tastes they have to offer. You can also post some great pics and enrich your Instagram profile.


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