A Lip-smacking Culinary Adventure in a Houseboat! 

Everything about Alappuzha is exciting.  If Alappuzha beach is known for its beauty and serenity, houseboats are the pride. The view of the majestic houseboats resting in the backwaters is a fascinating view. Every traveler who enjoyed a backwater cruise has embedded the image of elegantly moving houseboats. In addition to the fascinating experience of a laid back cruise, everything about this land is amazing. Those who have enjoyed a backwater cruise will never forget the lip-smacking dishes served in the houseboats. You can also include Toddy shop visits in your list of places to visit in Alappuzha. Most of the houseboats will halt near a toddy shop as and when requested. It is going to be real fun!

A journey in the houseboat is not all about sightseeing, it is also about the scrumptious dishes. You will enjoy a platter of Zesty food items ranging from Karimeen Pollichathu in coconut milk to Kappa biriyani( A mix of tapioca and Meat cooked with spices and special masalas). The traditional dishes are served fresh and in the most authentic form.   The fish curries, fries, crab roast, duck roast/Mappas, oyster varieties are the main attraction of the houseboat along with some traditional accompanies. Most of the dishes are known for their aromas of Garam Masala, coconut milk, etc and they are nothing but heavenly. You might be drooling already, aren't you?

If you are a  hogger or a hudophile, a houseboat cruise is going to be a brilliant idea. Here is a list of the food items that you can expect while on a houseboat! Enjoy reading!


dosa kerala food

  1. Puttu/Appam & Kadala/ Beef roast/ Meen (Fish) Vattichathu/ Moiley /Egg Roast/ Kozhi (Chicken) Curry/Tharavu (Duck) Curry: An interesting Kerala breakfast is Puttu/ Appam and a variety of side dishes. The aroma of rice cakes filled with coconut scrapes tempts taste buds. This healthy breakfast can be accompanied by a variety of vegetarian/ non-vegetarian dishes including Kadala/Chickpeas Curry, Green Gram curry with Pazham/ Pappadam, Beef roast/ Meen Vattichathu/Moiley/ Kozhi curry.
  1. Pidi and Kozhi: Pidi and Kozhi( Rice dumplings and chicken curry) are mouthwatering special dishes of Kerala. The rice dumplings prepared in coconut gravy are yummy. You can expect these dishes for breakfast/ dinner. However, it is mostly served for breakfast.
  1. Dosa/Idli & Sambar-Chutney/ Kadala Curry- Chutney: Idli and sambar are accepted as the most healthy dishes. Keralites are fond of idlis/Dosa and in Alappuzha, Tharavu and Kadala are served along with sambar/chutney or Kadala(Chickpeas) curry. The aromatic hot sambar poured on the idlis are a perfect treat for taste buds. Dosa & Chicken (Kozhi) Roast is a favorite combination served in a houseboat.
  1. Appam Fish Molly: Appam along with fish molly is a special dish and savoring this will make you feel great for choosing this vacation. Appam can also be served with other dishes including fish or chicken, however, fish molly is an amazing combination that you must try!
  1. Idiyappam- Vegetable Stew/ Mutton Curry or Varutharacha Kozhi Curry: Kerala Noodles, " Idiyappam", steamed in idli vessels is a mouth-watering breakfast. Accompanied by Mutton curry, Varutharacha Kozhi curry, vegetable stew, or Kadala curry, the Idiyappam is a scrumptious breakfast to kick your day!
  1. Ela Ada: Ela Ada is an easy, quick, and healthy breakfast made of rice batter filled with coconut and jaggery steamed on banana leaves. This dish is also served as an evening snack. Along with a black coffee, munching an Ela Ada is a divine feel!


kerala lunch food

A traditional Kerala lunch starts with rice. In a houseboat, you will get a wide variety of vegetable curry including Pulissery, sambar, rasam, Kootu curries, Olan, Pachadi, Puliyanchi, Erissery, Thoran, Mezhukkupuratti, etc. Besides, fish roast/curry/vattichathu/ fry, etc will also be served and Fish mango curry is an interesting side dish for rice. Beef varieties, Crab roast, Prawns, Karimeen dishes, etc will also be included as special curries. An interesting variety of pickles will also be there.

Tea Time

In the evening, tea/coffee will be served along with Banana Fritters(Pazhampori), Cutlet( Veg/Beef/Chicken), Bajjis, Puffs, and Pakoras. Aval Vilayichathu is a delicious snack loved by everyone, especially kids. Munching snacks and sipping tea/coffee, enjoying the gentle breeze makes the vacation refreshing!


You can expect the most delicious Kerala dish; boiled tapioca with bird’s eye chili/beef roast/ fish curry. In addition, Pathiri/Chapathi/Rice with fish curry or veggies/ beef/chicken/duck varieties will be served.

Excited to enjoy an unforgettable food adventure trip on a houseboat? Choose the Kerala backwaters package for a fabulous trip!


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