The beautiful hill station of Darjeeling tops the list of the best tourist destinations in India. Located in West Bengal in the foothills of Himalayas, the tourist spot is at an elevation of 2000 meters above sea level. The majestic view of snow-capped Kangchenjunga, the third-tallest mountain in the world, is the greatest attraction of the place. Nature has endowed the land with a lush green valley which accentuates the beauty of the mountain ranges. For those leading a hectic urban life, a sojourn in Darjeeling will be a relaxing experience.

Since the British colonizers occupied the area, the region was developed into an estate for tea plantation. The unique climate of the region gives the characteristic flavor to the Darjeeling tea that earned it international acclaim. The Europeans loved to spend time in the place because of its comfortable climate and overflowing beauty. Hence Darjeeling slowly developed into a tourist location. Now tourists from all parts of India and around the world throng the hill station in the hope of spending a nice vacation. With the inflow of travelers, many areas were restructured by the government into tourist-friendly spots.

There are many enchanting places to visit in Darjeeling. The scenic view of snow-clad Kanchenjunga is undoubtedly the best sight. White snow ranges assume a golden glow when the sun falls on it; making it all the more attractive.  The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway ride is an adventure in its own right. The toy trains that run on steam made it eligible for UNESCO’s affiliation as a World Heritage Site.

Some of the best sights of the valley can be seen in the ropeway ride. Many attest to the excitement guaranteed by the ride which takes you to a dizzying height of 2134 meters. Peace Pagoda was built as the symbol of universal peace that India stands for. The hill station is also famous for the tea plantations. You can enjoy the unique flavor of Darjeeling tea if you wish. When you get tired of visiting all the places you can go and be at peace in the Buddhist Monasteries in the land. Thus a tour to Darjeeling is a complete package.