Rimbik Tourist Places

Rimbik, a tourist destination in Darjeeling is a quaint village located in the Singalila National Park area. The place is not so well known among conventional tourists. But if you are someone who likes to know the real culture and lifestyle of Darjeeling away from all the bustle of the tourist, this is the place to be. Rimbik is also slowly gaining popularity as a trekking route. So you can experience a hike if you are an adventure lover. The stunning view of the mountains and green valley are other factors that make the visit to the place worthwhile.

Rimbik is a quaint village in Darjeeling. Located in the Singalila National park, the destination has a unique appeal. The quiet of the place, disturbed only by the music of flowing water from a nearby stream; the awe-inspiring sight of Kanchenjunga ranges; and the refreshingly cool climate, will inspire the nature lover in you.

Trekkers will find the place quite charming. You can visit Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park and Dhirdham temple. It surely will be the vacation that you were looking forward to.

Below are 9 tourist attractions nearby Rimbik, Darjeeling :