China Town

Reminiscent of Singapore’s history, the China town stands as a heritage center and shopping house in Pagoda street. The place was filled with death houses and brothels until 1961. After the ban imposed on them, the area developed solely as a shopping center. A stroll through the shophouses will make you feel like you have reached China. Built-in Baroque and Victorian architecture, the streets in the place are fascinating and are centuries old. Many shophouses were built in the style of Painted ladies and now are restored to the same style. Pagoda Street, Smith Street, and Temple Street are the most prominent streets in ChinaTown. Duxton Plain Park is a beautiful park where tourists love to spend time. The Mariamman temple and the Buddha tooth relic temple are the other attractions of the place. If you want to explore Singapore’s history and culture, this is the best spot in the country.

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