7 tips for a comfortable trip in Singapore

Singapore is one of the best destinations for a holiday. The varied sights and experience, the land offers to make it a tourist’s paradise. Something about the place attracts those who are into a world tour. Hence, many international tour packages focus on this island country.

Tourism greatly contributes to the development of Singapore’s economy. Because of its tourist friendliness, a great number of tourists travel to the land. It is estimated that the number of tourists visiting the land every year is almost three times the native population. Hence many travel agencies have sprung up which gives package tours to the country.

There are so many exhilarating sights that make the place worth a visit. The attractions like Merlion Park, Supertree groove, Skypark observation deck, and so on are unique to Singapore. In fact, there are so many tourist destinations in the country that you will find it difficult to choose which ones to visit on your trip there.

7 tips to help you in Singapore

Many who travel to the place lament that they have lost so much money unnecessarily. They also unknowingly waste a lot of time visiting not so popular destinations. Thus they feel it was best to choose a holiday package rather than traveling alone.

But you can travel alone and make the full use of your few days in Singapore. You have to keep in mind some basic things. Here are some tips that you will find useful on your trip to Singapore

1. Prioritize your destinations

As said before, Singapore has a great number of attractions. If you are not relying on a travel agency for the Singapore tour, you will get confused about which places are best for visitors and which ones are not. Thus you can end up wasting your time visiting unimportant destinations.

So it is better to make a good list of the places to visit according to their importance. Make sure you give top priority to iconic attractions of the place. Merlion Park, Skypark Observation Deck, Gardens by the Bay and Singapore flyer should not be missed on your holiday package.


2. Manage your finances

Ok, let us face this. Singapore tour is an expensive affair. If you are not depending on a tour package, you may end up losing money unnecessarily. Many commonplace things in your land are highly costly in this country. But with a little care, you can avoid unnecessary expenses.

For instance, the taxi service is quite costly in the land. You can easily rely on public transport which has high connectivity and availability.

Liquor is an expensive commodity in Singapore, especially in pubs and bars. But there is no need to worry. There are times of discounts in pubs and bars called happy hours. So it is better for your wallet if you wait till the happy hours to get inebriated.

Drinking water is another costly stuff in the island country. But tap water is very pure and of drinking quality. If you carry a water bottle, you don't have to waste money each time you feel thirsty.

3. The restaurants are costly

You may find your eyes bulging out of their sockets once you see the bill from a restaurant. It is better to study the menu card carefully before ordering anything as many dishes can be overpriced. You would want to steer clear of them.

Better still is to avoid restaurant chains for dining. The local eateries are as good and less expensive compared to them. You also get to meet friendly locals and enjoy native dishes in these places. You can mingle with locals and understand their culture and lifestyle.

Singapore is not a place where you have to tip your waiter every time for their service.  It is not part of their culture. So don’t feel obliged. But if you feel generous, you can surely tip them and they will appreciate it.

4. Get to the attractions early

During the tourist season, all the major attractions are flooded with tourists. So you may feel crowded in the place. To avoid this, make it a point to get to the attractions early in the morning.

The best way is to prioritize the places you are planning to visit in a day. Go to the most popular destination first and to the least last. The opening times of different locations are different. You can take advantage of that too. For instance, the Gardens by the Bay and the Supertree grove, two of the must-visit locations open at 5 AM. But the Skypark observatory is not open until 9. So you can visit the Gardens at 5 and drop in at the observatory on your way back.

This will help you to visit all the places without large crowds. It also saves you a lot of time and makes the best use of your travel package.

5. Choose the right place to stay

Make sure to book a hotel not too far away from the city center. You may find it difficult to reach your place of stay if it is too much into the suburbs.

You don't have to pay too much money for a decent hotel. Good research will let you know what kind of facilities are available at what cost. You will be surprised to find that there is a great variation according to the location, facilities, and brand of the hotel.

Take care not to choose one in the prime location as it will drain your money. Luxury hotels and hotel chains also will be very costly. But you can find a decent place at not so high prices. If you research well enough, you may even get a place where you can get a good view of the city.

6. Choose your clothes wisely

Singapore is a hot and humid country. The temperatures can reach as high as 90 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are not dressed accordingly, you will be in discomfort. So take care to pack light clothes on your Singapore tour package.

Take care to include an umbrella or a raincoat in your backpack. The rains in the country can be quite heavy and unexpected.

7. Sunscreen is a necessity

The sun in Singapore is quite merciless. If you are light-skinned, you will know your texture changing with each hour spent outside. Hence do not forget your sunblock cream. Bring the one with high SPF value or risk getting tanned.


If you are traveling without the help of a travel agency, keep these tips in mind. It will help you to enjoy your holiday to the maximum without any regrets.

But you can always take the easy way and rely on a tour operator. There are many travel agencies in major cities of India like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Kochi arranging tours to Singapore. You can select the travel package that suits you, make the payment, and forget everything else.



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