10 Things You Need To Know Before Visiting India

India is a magical land entangled in diversity. India is home to beautiful geographical landscapes embraced by multiple cultures, languages, and religions. She stands for- Unity in diversity. A land that overflows with love, kindness, and hospitality. Since ancient ages, the Indians have been drilled in with a simple phrase-"Atithi Devo Bhava" meaning guests are gods.

It's a very essential characteristic for a traveler to research their destination before they actually visit the place. So let’s look into a few things you need to know before visiting India.

1. Multicultural & Multilinguistic

Officially Indian constitution has recognized 22 languages in India across the states. But its believed that there are more than 15000 dialects spoken across the states. India is also very diverse culture-wise. So be ready to undergo a culture shock when you visit India.

2. Be Ready for the nature to enchant you

Indian is blessed with amazing geographical landscapes ranging from deserts, beaches, Himalayan mountains, beautiful backwaters, soothing rain forests, etc. You will be blown away by the beauty and the magic will seep into your soul forever.

3. Respect Traditions & Customs

India is a country rich in tradition and customs. Indians expect everyone to follow these age-old traditions to an extent. For example, while entering religious spaces like temples, make sure you are dressed modestly and also leave your footwear outside the temple.

4. Travel Outside The Cities

If you want to fall in love with the Indian landscapes and culture, try traveling to remote places outside the city. The cities are trying to replicate lifestyle borrowed from other countries. So to enjoy the true Indian culture, landscape, and cuisine you need to travel to places outside the city.

5. Respect Elders

In many countries outside India, it's a common practice to address the people by their name( first name/surname) despite the age difference. Here in India elders are respected immensely. It’s considered rude and disrespectful to address people elder to you by name. Also, you are expected to give special consideration to old people. For example, if you are traveling in public transport, if an elderly lady or man is standing while you are seated, you are required to offer the seat to that more else.

6. Purchase A Local Sim Card

Make sure you buy a local sim card. This makes calls cheaper and also easy for you to stay connected with your loved one.

7. Carry cash

Do not expect every shop to have a card swiping system to pay the bills. Carry enough cash on you to make payments when you go shopping. Be aware of fraudulent currency exchange services. Either you exchange your currency for Indian money at the airport or go to a reputed bank.

8. Be Prepared For Instant Weather Changes

India is geographically very diverse. So the climatic conditions are very different too. It may suddenly rain when the sun is still shinning. A cloudy morning will suddenly change to a bright sunny day. So be prepared for the sudden weather changes.

9. Heavy Traffic

A high population means a high number of personal vehicles. So be ready to get stranded on the road due to heavy traffic jams. Make sure you leave for your destination at least two hours before the arrival time. The traffic in India gets so insane that, walking to your destination seems faster than transportation

10. Learn To Eat With Your Hand

Learn to convert your hands into spoon and forks. Indians consider consuming food with your hands is healthy. So you may have to adjust to the fact that you may not be provided with crockery along with your meal. So you will have to make do with your hands.

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