7 Air Travel Tips for a relaxed and worry-free flying

“Life is short and the world is wide, the sooner you start exploring it, the better.”
– Simon Raven

Yes, the sooner you start exploring is better! However, traveling is not always simple or hassle-free. A vacation or business trip will always be fruitful and interesting, but the journey can be stressful, leaving you worn-out. That is sad! As someone rightly said, “Well done is half done”, if you take care of certain things then your journey can turn-out worry-free and memorable. So what will be those little things you should take care of?

Delve into our tips and tricks…..

Arrive early

Arriving early is a real worry. No one prefers to waste time by arriving early. But it’s better than missing a flight, right? In general, fliers are of two types- those who arrive earlier than their flight, and those who arrive when it is time to take off. It is better not to fall into these two categories. To hit the sweet timing spot, take care of a few factors, and fall in-between.

  • Know your airline guidelines and check-in procedures. Plan accordingly.
  • Know the season you’re planning to travel to. If you are flying during a vacation or any busy season, be early.
  • People often miss flights due to hectic traffic. Know your city and plan accordingly to avoid wasting time in traffic blocks.

Check-in Online

Online check-in helps you to finish-off the check-in procedures from your home, office, house, or the middle of the road. By completing your check-in online and making use of the luggage drop-off section, you save time and energy. Since you complete your paperwork online, you can save yourself from standing in long queues.

Be Organized

  • Traveling with minimal baggage, well-organized is a good decision. Also, make sure that the items you pack can be carried with you when on a flight.
  • Carry, mix, and match clothing. You can turn them into several outfits, which is a way to reduce your luggage size.
  • Be well-planned for security-check. Keeping all the documents in a separate folder will help you to avoid rush and worry.
  • Ensure your electronic devices are charged-well.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

When you are going to fly, keep yourself hydrated. Grab a bottle of water and drink it often. Also, avoid alcohol, tea, or coffee. These beverages will make you dehydrate, and sleepless. Staying hydrated keeps you healthy!

Prepare to avoid Jet-Lag

Jet Lag is one of the major concerns of travelers, especially international travelers.

  1. Scheduling smart helps you to avoid jet lag. Know your travel time and if your trip is long, try to sleep on a plane, so when you arrive at your destination, you will get enough rest.
  2. Adjust your sleep. Scheduling your sleeping pattern according to the timezone of your landing place will be helpful. Upon reaching the destination, starting to sleep as per the local time will be helpful.
  3. Eat Well. Ensure that you eat according to your sleeping schedule because that is important. Less stress and good rest will help you deal with travel worries.
  4. Be comfortable. You should wear comfortable dresses and choose a comfortable seat for your journey. Finally, sync your social clock accordingly.
  5. Load music, movies, books onto your phone or computer. You can never rely on the entertainment system of flight. So, load your machines with movies, books, and music as per your interest. This will help you to enjoy your flight and also to pass your time at the airport.
  6. Carry Snacks and Cash. It is always better to carry snacks that fill you quickly. You can quickly make some snacks that are easy to pack and carry. This will be helpful while you’re on a long journey. Keeping local currencies(not a lump sum) while you travel is a good idea and this helps you in an emergency like tipping, billing, etc.

Try our tips, and travel with a cool-head. We are sure you will make the best out of your travel plan. If you feel stuck at any point in time feel free to contact FUNDAY HOLIDAYS. We ensure a magical vacation! Let us know your feedback and suggestions.


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