10 Travel Hacks for a Wonderful Holiday

If there is one thing that everyone yearns for, it is a good vacation. Away from the hustle of office life, a holiday gives you an opportunity to relax and rejuvenate. A perfect sojourn is an antidote for the tormented soul and helps to tackle the problems again with renewed vigor.

Nevertheless, there are many obstacles in the way of a comfortable holiday. Some simple things can suck out the fun of any trip. Therefore it is necessary to take a few measures to sidestep these problems.

Below given are some easy methods you can follow on your trip to avoid the problems and enjoy a great vacation.

Keep digital copies of all documents

Before you venture on a journey, it is absolutely necessary to scan your passport, identification card, travel document, and so on in your phone and upload it to the cloud. This will be of great help in the event you lose any of these valuables.

Opt for homestays

If you are looking to travel cheaply, it is better not to choose hotels for your stay. Homestays are much more affordable, and most of them have the same facilities as hotels. If you love camping, you can do that in some places. But make sure the climate and the law allow for camping.

Make a call to your credit card company

Sometimes when your card is used to buy stuff in some other country, the company or bank grows suspicious and blocks the card. This can cause a great deal of problems for you. Hence it is better to inform the company about your travel plans beforehand.

Keep a pen and a water bottle… always

Clean water is not easily available in every country. Sometimes it can cost you much too. It is better to carry a 1-liter water bottle and top it off from anywhere you can get clean water.

You also need a pen with you always. Thus you don't have to wait a long time for someone to generously give you a pen to fill out a form.

Mark your baggage as fragile

There are two advantages to doing this. The obvious one is that your bag will be handled carefully. The second and the most important one is that it will be packed at the top of the pile and hence you can get it back first. Thus you don’t have to waste much of your precious time.

Roll don’t fold

If your clothes are rolled up, it can save a lot of space in your bag. You can roll them as a set so it becomes much easier to unpack and use. Electronic items can be kept safe from shock by rolling your clothes over them.

Run the lag off

It is proven that physical exertion before the journey can reduce jet lag. So go for a jog before you catch your flight. But if you are late, don’t bother, as you will have to run through the airport to get on the flight anyway.

Keep rechargeable batteries in the refrigerator

Keeping rechargeable batteries at a lower temperature can help to retain their juice for a while longer. So put the spare batteries in the fridge in the hotel room while you go out.

Don't get too comfortable

It is better not to unpack fully and repack each time you reach a hotel room. Stack your bags according to your itinerary so that you have access to the things you need in each place in order. Unpacking and repacking can take up a lot of time and you risk forgetting stuff too.

Make a souvenir list

Unnecessary shopping will guarantee a lighter wallet. It is better to make a ‘what to give to whom’ list. It will ensure you get something for everyone and save you a lot of money. So that is it. You can remember these 10 simple tips and enjoy a hustle-free vacation. It will ensure a dream vacation that you have been waiting for long.

Go and have fun!


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