Skin Care And Beauty Care For Anti-Aging Ayurveda Tour Packages


Who does not like to have soft skin? Healthy skin makes you more radiant and youthful. However, the polluted air, unhealthy food habits and lifestyle(cosmetics) kill your skin. An unhealthy skin gives you the appearance of old age. You may argue there are many skin products, skincare routines, and anti-aging products available in the market to save your skin. But, are they the right choice for long-lasting results without side effects? The answer is a big no.

After a detailed diagnosis of your skin type-Dry skin. Oily Skin, Normal Skin, etc, the doctor suggests a treatment process for your skin for a duration of 10-15 days. Ayurveda offers you skin care routines that are healthy and have long-lasting results without side effects. The treatment process involves skin-softening therapy, scrubbing treatments, skin-strengthening, and fairness therapy. You need to drink a lot of water to maintain moist skin.

The following treatments are included in this package.

  1. Softening Therapy: A special kind of medicinal oil is prepared and applied to your skin. Then you need to steam your body for 10-20 minutes. This process softens your skin preparing for further treatments. The steaming opens the pores of your skin.
  2. Scrubbing: A paste made out of herbs is used to scrub your skin. The scrub removes dead cells and any dirt that remains on your skin after the steaming.
  3. Skin Strengthening: A medical paste or a pack is applied throughout the body made out of special herbs to strengthen your skin. This involves massages making your skin strong.
  4. Fairness Oil Application: Medicinal oil is applied to the skin that is washed away later. The herbs in the oil make your skin fair. After the treatment, scrub and the fairness oil are provided for you to continue the skincare routine in the future. Remember to use the scrub twice a week.
Duration : 3 - 15 Days
Includes : Accommodation, All Meals, Transfers
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