Thai Islands

Thailand is famous for its pristine beaches. The country consists of many islands, each providing a unique beach experience. The beaches in Koh Yao islands has a laid back village feel with fewer crowds and calmer. The Klong Jark and Had Passai beaches are the ones that you should visit if loud noise and celebrations are not your things. The turquoise sea caressing the long white sandy shore is a relaxing sight. Koh Samui island, on the other hand, has some best luxury beach resorts that are ideal for those on their honeymoon trip to Thailand. Koh Tao is the island to go to if you are a Scuba diving enthusiast.

If partying is your thing, choose the beaches in Koh Pha Ngan where the parties never end. Many activities and luxuries make Phuket beaches engaging. Koh Lanta with its all-round fun may be the best of the islands in Thailand.

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