Best Places to Visit in Kerala

Best Places to Visit in Kerala In The Month of April

Kerala, with its exquisite natural beauty, rich culture, and ancient history, is one of the best tourist locations in India. The abundant greenery, charming backwaters, rolling hills and exotic beaches make the land an epitome of beauty. The mild climate almost year-round also adds to the charm of the land.

Nevertheless, if there is one thing that makes it uncomfortable, it is the humidity during the summer. The season which falls between March to May is the off-season for tourism in the land. Many prefer to visit God’s own country between November and February as it is the best time to visit Kerala.

However, Kerala has many places which are suited for a visit in April. Many festivals also adorn the land during this time. If you know where to go and what to see during this time, you can have an enjoyable vacation in April.

Are you searching for the best Kerala tourist places to visit in Kerala?

Do you have questions like “Which are the best places to visit in Kerala?” Get the complete list of 14 best places to visit in Kerala.


An exquisite location with a panoramic view of the hills and green valleys, Munnar is the best place to visit during April. The highest temperature of the tourist destination is 23 degrees Celsius, even during the scorching summer. The mornings are pleasant, and evenings are cozy. It is not just the cool weather but the exciting views and attractions in the location that beckons tourists. Tea plantations that seem like green carpets spread over the hills provide a picturesque beauty to Munnar. Pothenmedu viewpoint, Chinnakkanal waterfalls and Echo point are treasury of exquisite sights.


If you want to spend your summer in an idyllic countryside with a comfortable climate, Gavi is the best pick for you. The village located in the Pathanamthitta district showcases the natural beauty of Kerala. The mist-kissed hills and streams zig-zagging through the green valleys adorn the land. There are many homestays run by the locals where you can stay at a cheap rate. They also provide local cuisines of the place. An adventurous trek to the forest is the opportunity to see rare animals like the lion-tailed macaque, elephants and even tigers.


Second in fame only to Munnar, Thekkady is also a beautiful land to visit during April. The destination is known primarily for the famous Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and Tiger Reserve. If you are lucky enough, you can see the tigers majestically roaming around in the thicket on your trekking trip. As the weather is cool, you do not have to worry about sweating and getting tired. Many places like Chellarkovil and Anakkara provide an enchanting view of the green landscape. The ancient Mangala Devi temple is also worth a visit.


Located 1200 meters above sea level, Vagamon is a buzzing tourist destination in Kerala. The place has a mild climate, even during April. It is hence considered one of the top attractions in Kerala. The mist-kissed hills, green meadows and winding roads add a picturesque charm to the land. The constant cool breeze in Vagamon is famous and will surely rejuvenate you. Hence the destination is considered one of the best places to spend your summer in Kerala.


Lakkidi, located in the Wayanad district, is another place with a mild climate in April. As the tourist destination is perched almost 700 meters above sea level, the temperature is cool and seldom passes 25 degrees Celsius. The exquisite views the place offers are as enthralling as its weather is comfortable. Pookot freshwater lake, Lakkidi church and Chain tree are some of the spots that capture the imagination of tourists visiting the land. Lakkidi also offers trekking and camping opportunities to adventure lovers.


Located in the Thiruvananthapuram district, Ponmudi is one of the best locations to visit during April. The place has a pleasantly cool climate and the temperature never crosses 28 degrees Celsius, even during the hottest summers in Kerala. As it is part of the Western ghats, it offers a great view of mountains. A drive through the winding roads in the mountains takes you through some very beautiful sights like the Kallar river, Meenmutty waterfalls and so on.

Thrissur Pooram

An annual festival held at Vadakkunnathan Temple, Thrissur Pooram is unquestionably the most important festival in Kerala. It was started by Sakthan Thampuran and is held every year during April for the last two centuries. The festivities include the exciting fireworks that go on for hours. The main festival is characterized by day-long percussion. Several elephants wearing caparisons add charm to the celebrations. The colorful Kudamattom is a unique event of Thrissur Pooram. As the event is a projection of the culture and harmony of Kerala, it is one of the best events to attend in April.


Marayoor is a land famous for the thick sandalwood forest. The very air of the destination is filled with the refreshing aroma of sandalwood. A stroll through the thicket is hence a unique experience. The place also has a cool climate. Even during April, one of the hottest months in Kerala, the mercury rarely crosses 28 degrees Celsius. The land has many ancient monuments like dolmens and rock paintings that date back to 10,000 BC. You can see many single-chambered stone burial sites near the Thenkashinathan Shiva Temple. The rock paintings at Attala and Ezhuthu Guha are also awe-inspiring. Hence the place is worth a visit during the tour to Kerala.


Chinnar is known for its large population of rare Indian Star Tortoise and Mugger Crocodiles. As the place is located in the rain shadow region of the Western Ghats, the temperature is mild. Hence the place is good to visit during April. Nature lovers will surely enjoy the trek through the region because of the rich biodiversity of the land. It is estimated that Chinnar houses 52 species of reptiles, 28 varieties of mammals, 14 different fishes, 156 kinds of butterflies and 225 varieties of bird species. The place is famous not only for its wide range of flora and fauna but for the exhilarating view of the thick forest from the topmost point.

Kadamanitta Padayani

If you are interested in the culture and art forms of Kerala, which date back thousands of years, you have to see Padayani. A performing art for appeasing the goddess Bhadrakali, the art form has its roots in the Dravidian art form Kolezhuthu. The performers are adorned with vibrant colors and huge headgears. They then dance and depict the mythological stories according to the vocal music. As it is conducted in April, it is one of the best things to do when in Kerala. The decorations, colors and the sheer vitality of the art form are sure to leave you enthralled.


Malampuzha attracts tourists with its variety of attractions and refreshing climate. Located in the Palakkad district, the place is arguably the best picnic spot in Kerala. The bewitching beauty of the Malampuzha Yakshi statue is the first thing that captures your attention while at the destination. The rock-cut gardens here, made of rubbles and waste materials, are awe-inspiring for art lovers. Malampuzha Dam and the adjacent garden provide you with an exquisite view. If you want to imbibe in the real beauty of the place, you can take a cable car ride which is a thrilling experience in itself. The climate of Malampuzha is mild compared to the other regions. Hence the place is best to visit while you are on a Kerala tour during April.

Edathua Perunnal

Resembling the medieval European churches, Edathua St. George Forane Church is a famous pilgrim location in Kerala. The complex, founded in 1810, has a blend of Kerala architecture too in it. The river Pamba that flows adjacent to the church adds to the charm of the area. April marks the festival time here. The famous feast of St. George is celebrated with much pomp and flair. Drawing in huge crowds of different religious beliefs and factions, the annual festival is one of the best occasions to witness the religious harmony of the land.

Eravikulam National Park

Eravikulam National Park is one of the best places to enjoy the biodiversity of Kerala. The park consists of 132 species of birds, 101 varieties of butterflies, 19 types of reptiles and 26 different amphibians. Many rare and endangered species like lion-tailed Macaques, leopards, stripe necked mongoose, Nilgiri tahr and dusky palm squirrel are found in the region apart from the variety of plant and tree species. Recognizing the treasury of biodiversity, the government of India declared it as a protected region in 1975. The mild weather of the region makes the place suitable for trekking and sightseeing even during the summer season.


Located merely 5 kilometers from Thekkady, Pandikuzhi is a famous tourist destination in Kerala. The place sees a rush of tourists even during April because of the comfortable weather during this time. Rich natural beauty is the alluring factor of Pandikuzhi. The landscape is covered with high mountains, beautiful streams and lush green valleys. You will be surely transfixed by the panoramic view that the place offers. The mist-covered mornings of the land are sure to make anyone rejuvenated. Thus the region is one of the best tourist destinations in Kerala.


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