An exquisite location with rolling hills, zig-zagging streams, and lush greenery, Gavi mesmerizes the tourists. The hill station, which was relatively unknown till recent times, became a tourist hotspot owing to this natural beauty. Once the authorities realized the tourism potential of the region, it quickly developed into a tourist attraction. Now the place offers a complete tour package for nature lovers. Activities like trekking, camping, wildlife safari, and so on are incorporated to project the unique charm of the land. For those who yearn to get away from the busy city life and enjoy a relaxing holiday in an idyllic hamlet, Gavi is the perfect destination. The unpolluted environs will rejuvenate as the charming sights reenergize the visitors. One can feel all the stress literally draining away with the more time they spent in Gavi.

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Gavi is a small hamlet in the Pathanamthitta district. Located merely 28 kilometers away from Kumily, the destination is easily accessible to those visiting Thekkady. The place has a wide variety of flora and fauna. Botanist has identified two gopher trees in the area, which are the only two of the species in India.

Gavi offers many tourism activities to those who visit the land. The climate is also moderate throughout the year. Thus the place is the perfect spot for a holiday in Kerala. Gavi tourism, Kerala offers you a perfect holiday experience filled with natural beauty and adventure. The different activities that the tourists can involve in Gavi are:

Sightseeing Places In Gavi

Gavi undoubtedly captures the beauty of a Kerala village. Nestled between beautiful hills and the dense forest, the place provides a panoramic view of the mesmerizing landscape. The climate is generally moderate and hence many, tormented by the sultry and humid weather in South India, seek refuge here. Tourists are greeted by the placid blue lake with mist hanging over it, obscuring the sight of the lush green hills that surrounds it. A small silvery waterfall in the forest adds charm to the location. The greenery, hills, valleys, and beautiful water body is sure to make anyone ecstatic.

Gavi Wildlife

Gavi is blessed with abundant wildlife. From Bison to elephants, the hill station is home to many varieties of fauna. Mountain squirrels can be seen playing on the tree branches above. The rare lion-tailed macaques also reside in the dense forest. Tourists sometimes find leopards majestically roaming around. Beautiful hornbills are another rare species found in the region. Nilgiri langur, Barking deer, Nilgiri marten, and Mouse deer are other varieties of animals. Almost 250 kinds of bird species are also found in Gavi. Hence the trip to the tourist destination will be a fulfilling experience for nature lovers.

Gavi Trekking

Gavi is a good location for trekking. The cool climate makes it easy to walk a long distance without getting tired. The terrain, which is uneven with lots of steep slopes, provides enough thrill to adventure enthusiasts. As one heads deep into the forest, the sights become more and more enchanting. It is a refreshing experience like no other. No wonder why most- even if they are not fans of adventure activities- involve in the adventure trek in Gavi.

Gavi Safari

There is a safari trip that will take you to the depths of the forest. No roads lead into the forest and hence the journey is quite rough. Only an expert driver with experience navigating hilly terrain can get the job done. The long and slow journey through the perilous landscape gives a rare opportunity to experience the unique wildlife. Many varieties of animals and rare plant and tree species await the brave ones who venture into the forest. Hence most tourists visiting Gavi sign up for a safari trip.

Gavi Camping

There are very few tourist destinations in Kerala that allow overnight camping. Gavi is one of them. Nature lovers know that to experience the wilderness fully, one has to go camping. As the sun goes down, the forest assumes a different shade that is simultaneously dangerous and thrilling. It provides an opportunity to see the nocturnal animals that roam around looking for prey. Couples love to spend time by the campfire and sleep in temporary tents. Even if one is new to the experience, they can relax as the native guides who know the place like the back of their hand will accompany them for assistance.

Best Time To Visit Gavi

Gavi is a year-round tourist destination. The climate is predominantly cool but may get quite hot during the summer season. September to February is considered the best time to visit Gavi. The tourist destination during this time will be teeming with travelers from around the globe. The three different seasons in Gavi are:

Winter Season In Gavi: Winter falls between November and February in Gavi. The temperature during this season varies between 10 to 20 degrees Celsius. It is quite refreshing to wake up to the mist-covered mornings and go to the mesmerizing sights, which assumes a charming glow during the pleasant day. The nights are usually chilly and comfortable.

Summer Season In Gavi: The time between March to May marks the summer season in Gavi. Like a typical summer in Kerala, the climate is quite hot and humid. Yet Gavi has a moderate summer compared to other parts of the South Indian state. The temperature falls between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius but rarely goes beyond 28 degrees. For those who can endure moderate heat, Gavi is a great tourism destination during this time.

Monsoon Season In Gavi: Monsoon is the time for a heavy downpour in Gavi. Falling between June and August, the season is not usually preferred by tourists as the sky is cloudy and incessant rains lash the area making it difficult to enjoy the natural charm of Gavi to its fullest. However, it is the best place to enjoy the rains in Kerala for those interested in monsoon tourism.


How To Reach Gavi

How to reach Gavi? Located in the Pathanamthitta, Gavi is an easily accessible location through road, rail, and air. For those who are coming from long distances flights or trains are the best option.

By Road: The nearest town to Gavi is Vandiperiyar, around 30 kilometers away from the hill station. The roads are in good condition and are suitable for a good drive. Frequent buses are available from the place to Gavi. Taxis are also available for those who prefer that.

By Rail: The nearest railway station to Gavi is the one at Kottayam, but not all trains pass through the route. Hence Ernakulam Junction railway station is the better choice. Trains are available to the destination from almost all major cities in India like Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Chennai, and so on. Though Ernakulam Junction railway station is located at a distance of 128 kilometers from Gavi, taxis are available from outside the station that will reach the destination within three hours.

By Air: The famous Nedumbassery International Terminus is at a distance of 160 kilometers from Gavi. International and Domestic airports located side by side has frequent flights from all major cities in India. Prepaid taxi services are also available from the airport.