Best Time To Visit Kerala

Kerala Travel Stories: Know the Best Season & Places to Visit in Kerala

This quaint tropic wonderland is a spectacle indeed for every tourist who comes to the tiny state of Kerala. Located right down in the south of India, she has been proudly labeled as one of the very few states that uphold education, respect for women, eco-tourism, safety for foreign tourism, and hospitality beyond anyone's expectations.

Plus, language is never an issue for international and Indian tourists, as our travel experts will be your talking point, ensuring you are safe, and happy and enjoy every moment in this beautiful state blissfully.

If you are wondering what makes Kerala a great choice for tourism, we would be delighted to detail it. Scroll on as we explain the best time to visit Kerala and why newly married couples choose the famous Munnar honeymoon package as their favorite. Also, what every tourist can expect when traveling to Kerala, and, of course, the tourist hotspots in Kerala will be listed below.

The Best Time to Visit Kerala

Kerala, on the whole, has a tropical climate, and, over the years, travelers have been visiting the state all year round. But the best time to visit Kerala starts in October and lasts until February, so it stands to be the peak season for Kerala tourism. This is actually the winter season in Kerala, but it is not too cold like in western countries. You will experience a slight chill, a cool breeze, hardly any sunlight, and no humidity, and there will be no snow.

Here's why you should plan your Honeymoon trip to Kerala

Every year, we love to welcome the honeymoon couples who flock to Kerala. It has become the most preferred lover's spot to reignite relationships or even enjoy some pace amid nature. Some of the reasons why couples and even families love Kerala are:

Climate: Whether you come in December or June, or September, the climate is different, making each travel experience a memorable one. Starting from March to May, you will enjoy hot, humid climates that are great if you love to visit beaches and hill stations. Then, from June to September, the monsoon season will prevail. For those who love the indoors, pleasant weather, and rainy landscapes, you will become addicted to the romantic mood with the gentle pitter-patter of raindrops. Moving on, from October to February, the climate is at its best. It is cool and perfect for outdoor trips, adventure sports, and lots more. So, depending on your travel interests, book a tour package to Kerala.


Kerala has a systematic network of transport options all over the state. Whether you need transport buses, pre-booked tourist buses, or cabs, to your destinations, we have plenty of options. Apart from that, you can disembark at the airport, and railway stations, and also move via road.


Hygienic, safe, and spacious accommodations are available all over the state. So, if you are a solo traveler (men or women), a family, or a couple, there are plenty of options that we can pre-book as per your convenience and budget.


The local community of Kerala welcomes foreign visitors with grace and kindness. They would always be happy to guide you through the local towns and marketplaces in case of any clarification. A little chat with the guides will help travelers understand the rich heritage of this colorful place.


It goes without saying that Kerala, being a tropical place, is home to the finest agricultural produce, seafood, and all variants of cooking. Feast on the rich, spicy blend of dishes served up at restaurants, and enjoy a burst of flavors in each mouthful.

Why is Kerala a favorite tourist destination?

Diverse Locations: You will witness a magical blend of natural landscapes once you arrive in Kerala. Tourists can visit spice plantations, wildlife reserves, tea estates, waterfalls, beaches, resorts, hill stations, historical places, temples, museums, and so much more.
Eco-Tourism: The government takes strict measures to protect wildlife and nurture endangered species in the best way possible.
Budget Friendly: Travelling in Kerala is not a costly affair, as there are options for travel, accommodation, and food for every budget. You can choose what you like to see and how you wish to spend the time.

The Best Tourist Places to Visit in Kerala

These are the gems of Kerala and a perfect collection of visual treats and travel memories to hold onto for every travel lover. By the way, these are the names of the most captivating places in India. Be a part of the innate Kerala culture once you reach these destinations.


One of the best hill stations that you can find in the south of India. From tea plantations to large space estates and hairpin roads, this spot is perfect for everyone to spend time amongst the misty mountains, sip fresh tea, and breathe in the essence of village life.


For the love of water, Alleppey is the land of backwaters and houseboat rides. If you are making a visit to Kerala, then book a houseboat ride to witness the beauty of the calm waters, enjoy fishing, dig into some wholesome food, and enjoy village life.


For nature lovers, you can experience the magic of protected animal reserves in Thekkady. Make a visit to the tiger and elephant reserves, spend a day at the cardamom plantations, and trek into the lush green landscapes. This is one of the best places to see how Kerala maintains its eco-tourism belt of flora and fauna.


The nightlife of Kerala has to be enjoyed to the fullest in Cochin. From great pubs to fishing villages and malls, you can experience diverse channels of excitement in this city. Food is the major highlight, as you can devour a multicultural platter of flavors once you reach the city.


A dreamy place at first glance, as Poovar is home to beaches, lagoons, Ayurvedic resorts, and also plenty of festive celebrations in Kerala. Don't miss the boating option, Poovar Island, Golden Beaches, and Elephant Rock here.


From colonial British rule to the present day, Kozhikode has been known as Kerala’s spice haven. Get to witness ancient architecture, food rituals, historic places, Kozhikode beaches, Thamarassery Churam, and lots more. The best part is that they serve a lot of super delicious street food that you won’t find anywhere else.

If these travel tips on Kerala tourism have uplifted your travel vibes, come along with Funday Holidays to visit many of the unseen, yet truly awe-inspiring locations in Kerala this year.


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