Romantic Tree Houses in Kerala

5 Romantic Tree Houses in Kerala that every couple should visit this year

A treehouse date is adorable, dreamy, and a must-have!

Traveling in love is one of the most unexplainable spurts of happiness that every couple ought to experience in life! If you are in love, and you want to give to best vacation time to your beloved, then its' time you try something unique. This time, let's keep in nature, soulful, and yes, this romantic trip will strike magic in your relationship. We have explored and shortlisted 5 super romantic Nature Date Tree Houses that are actually the best tour packages for Kerala. It would make your staycation extra special!

Often, the world moves to exotic places like Switzerland, it would be a rejuvenating chance to check out what India – in particular, what Kerala has to offer. Trust us, you wouldn't be disappointed by what God's Own Country has to offer and tease your inner lovey-dovey senses. So, come along, hop into these treehouses and choose the Kerala packages that suit your budget and vacation style!

Vanya TreeHouse

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This dreamy treehouse is securely clad in Thekkady and perfect for the ones who love to indulge in some intimate loved-up time amid raw nature. Beautifully positioned in a tropical rain forest, this venue is studded with adorable tree houses that are luxurious, safe, and lend the ultimate essence of tranquil living. Get absorbed in the dewy evergreen forests, listen to the chirps, enjoy the local delicacies, and experience the gadget-free peace here with that special one.

Vythiri TreeHouse

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The moment you step into this world, you would experience a magnetic love charm that wraps you aesthetically. A perfect romantic getaway in Kerala is the Vythiri treehouse, as their traditional, yet sophisticated tree houses are well suited to meet the expectations of metropolitan dwellers. For the nature lover in you, there is no better tree house than this to stay calm, tropical place.

Dream Catcher Resort


Just like the name spills romance, you can dream all you like once you reach Dream Catcher Resort in Munnar, Kerala.  Known for its British-style ambiance, classic treehouse décor, and rustic vibes, this place is truly divine for a couple who loves to explore nature and their love life. From exotic spa treatment to soaking in the spice scents from the nearby cardamom gardens and sipping into fresh tea – you would bookmark this one as an unforgettable treehouse place for a nature date!

Rainforest Treehouse

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The home of serene waterfalls – Athirappally is undeniable, love at first sight for any nature lover. This Rainforest TreeHouse is so aesthetically tucked away amongst a huge expanse of woods, cascading waterfalls with the sweet cooing sounds of beautiful birds. Take your intimacy quotient to the next level and get soaked in the rainforests, and enjoy a luxurious stay for your nature date.

Shola Periyar Tree House

Shola Periyar Tree House

Clad in the middle of South Indian tropical charm, the luxurious Shola Periyar Tree House will give you a glimpse of the awe-inspiring wildlife of the Periyar National Park. Engage in a couple of nature activities like border hiking, tiger trails, and bamboo rafting. This place is part of the Kerala tour packages that will offer a rare ambiance for all travel lovers and you better not miss it!


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John says:

Stayed at Vythiri TreeHouse with my family, we had a one of a kind experience. This blog describes the experience very well, if someone looking for something different, this is for you.

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