Kerala Places To Visit In June

8 Places To Enjoy Monsoon Tourism In Kerala

Kerala is one of the best places in India, if not the world, to enjoy monsoon rains. Starting from June and lasting till September, the land receives heavy downpours. Kerala gets an annual average of three hundred centimeters of rain, according to official estimates.

Though monsoon may not be considered by many as the best time to visit Kerala, the season has a unique beauty that attracts tourists from around the globe. The valleys become greener, the waterfalls become fiercer, fields fill with water, and hills are covered in dark clouds. Thus nature assumes a unique charm during this time. The rain that batters the roofs and falls on the lakes creates an orchestra of music. Many tourism companies hence provide attractive monsoon tourism packages to Kerala.

However, many places are under the threat of landslides during this time. If you are planning a trip to Kerala during June, you should know the places to visit and those to avoid.

Below are the best tourist places to visit in Kerala during June.


The waterfall in Athirappilly is famous for its scenic beauty. During June, the cascade attains its full glory. Water plunges with thunderous force and makes the onlookers wonderstruck. The sound of the water is audible even kilometers away. Hence the place is considered one of the best tourist destinations in Kerala.


Renowned as the ‘Venice of the East’, Alappuzha is a land of rivers, lakes, and crisscrossing canals. The tourist destination assumes a romantic charm during the monsoon season. Rains filling the beautiful backwaters and vast paddy fields is a delightful sight. Hence, many tourists visit Alappuzha during June to enjoy the Kerala monsoon.


Munnar, one of the most visited tourist destinations in Kerala, is perennially open to tourists. Because of its hilly landscape, covered in the green blanket of tea plantations, elegant viewpoints, high mountains, green valleys and meandering streams; the place has a top spot in the tourism map of Kerala. Watching the rain falling on the meadows and water flowing down the hills during the monsoon is captivating.


If you are a photography enthusiast with a passion for greenery and landscape, you will not be able to put your camera down in Wayanad. The lush greenery, staggering mountains, and deep valleys of the land will make you want to capture it all. However, the rich natural beauty is not the only attraction in Wayanad. The place is famous for ancient temples, huge dams, and Edakkal caves — a prehistoric site with cave paintings.


If you think that the summer season is the only time suitable to visit a beach, you should definitely head to Kovalam during the monsoon. Though it is not the best time to see the beautiful beach, it assumes a cinemascope grandeur in the rainy season. You will fall in love with the blue sea, golden sand, and bordering greenery. Surfing, swimming, and beach volley are the activities during this time. However, because of the high waves, you should be careful.


There is no substitute for the romantic atmosphere in Thekkady. With a beautiful lake, a tiger reserve, and breathtaking sights, the place ranks top on the list of best tourist places to visit in Kerala. Tourists love to trek through the National park. Plodding through the forest during the monsoon is a unique experience with the bonus of sighting tigers, elephants, and hornbills. As Thekkady has a low turnout of tourists during June, you can get tour packages and rooms at a low price.

Ashtamudi Lake

Located in the Kollam district, Ashtamudi Lake is the most visited backwater in the state. The stunning beauty of the water body and the unique wetland ecosystem are the reasons for the high number of visitors. Extending over an area of 61.42 square kilometers, the palm-shaped waterbody is an exquisite sight. It hosts the President’s Trophy boat race — one of the most popular and exhilarating water sports events in the state — on November first of every year. Boating through the lake, enjoying the cool breeze, the blue lake, and the bordering emerald green shore, is the best activity in June.


Kumarakom is one of the best tourist places in Kerala. For its beautiful backwaters, vast paddy fields, and unique landscape, the place gets a large number of visitors. The most preferred activity in the area is a quiet ride through the Vembanad lake in a houseboat. These luxurious cruisers have all the facilities of a house, including bedrooms, washrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and sit-out. Enjoying the monsoon rains sitting in these vessels is a unique experience.  As it is an off-season for tourism, there are many inexpensive Kerala tour packages to Kumarakom during June.


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